Katy Perry Takes Tumble From Segway At Burning Man

Katy Perry took a tumble off her Segway, but she didn’t let it bother her. Katy “had a laugh at her own expense” when she fell off the two-wheeler while driving herself around the Black Rock Desert in Nevada during the Burning Man Festival. This was the first time she’d ever attended the desert festival.

Katy posted a video of the mishap to Instagram on Saturday, showing the singer “playing around on a Segway” in the sandy desert as the wind blew sand all over the place. Perry, like most who hang out at Burning Man, sported “what looked to be a Bane mask on her face” made up of over-sized goggles and a handkerchief, along with a baseball cap to cover her hair. The Burning Man Festival is a temporary set up in the middle of the desert, and festival goers have to take precautions against the blowing sand.

The tumble took place in front of one of the “enormous bizarre” art installations that are a trademark of the festival. The Daily Mail described the art piece as “resembling a gargantuan tank with bicycles strapped to its tracks.” With musicians playing on the moving structure behind her, Katy joined in the moving fun by spinning her Segway in “tight circles.” Unfortunately, the circles were “too tight, clearly,” and she ended up with one leg precariously “perched on the platform” desperately trying to rein in the Segway. It didn’t work; Katy fell off and almost ran over herself.

Perry accepted it with a good grace after she failed to regain control over the bike, and did at least gain control over her own composure. She tried chasing down the “runaway vehicle” but finally gave up and waited for it to finish its crazy circling and settle down beside her.

“Obvious first time burner alert,” wrote Perry about the Segway slip, inviting her fans join in the laugh.


MTV News points out that the whole scene could have been lifted from a Mad Max movie writing, “But let’s be real: Is Katy actually at Burning Man? Or is she secretly filming on the set of a new Mad Max movie?”

But Katy tweeted way back in 2014 that she wished she was at Burning Man getting “counter cultured.”

This year Perry made it to the desert festival, and lots of fans were super excited about it.

@katyperry You’re at Burning Man. Burning Man. Katy is at Burning Man!

— Matt Woodard (@captainmatty5) September 6, 2015

One fan even said that Katy Perry at Burning Man gives him life!

[Image via Adam Bettcher / Stringer / Getty ]