Courtney Stodden: Mom Won’t Talk About Things She Saw In Daughter’s Marriage

Courtney Stodden became internet-famous when she was just 16 after she married then-51-year old actor Doug Hutchison. Now, her mother, Krista Keller, says if she had it to do over again, she wouldn’t consent to the wedding.

Keller agreed to allow her daughter to marry Hutchison at the time, but over the years, she says, she’s seen things that have changed her mind. While she won’t reveal just what those things are, Keller admitted that the time isn’t right, but that doesn’t mean she won’t talk about it in the future.

Keller stepped down as Stodden’s manager earlier this year amid speculation that Hutchison had come between them and said recently that it had become “too difficult to work with people” who believed they knew what was right for Stodden.

“I love her very much and I decided to step down due to creative differences…To be honest I am not ready to discuss in detail what I have observed and why I feel this way. I hope someday I will be able to,” Keller told Fox41.

But according to Courtney Stodden, the problem arose when her mom began to crave the spotlight herself.

“My mom’s desire to be famous interfered with her ability to manage me effectively. She craved the limelight so much, she felt that, I, her daughter, was standing in her way. I was forced to have her resign. I do wish her the best. She’s my mother and I’ll always love her,” Courtney wrote on Twitter.

Stodden made headlines earlier this year when she released a “homemade” sex tape which involved an ice cream cone, but sources said that the tape was funded by the same company that released Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s explicit video.

Courtney is certainly not afraid to show off her assets; the reality star is well-known for baring a lot of skin and even suffering through wardrobe malfunctions like a pro. However, it’s her marriage to Hutchison that has garnered so much media attention over the years. The couple has battled their way through it in recent months, appearing on the reality show Couples Therapy and announcing a split in 2012, only to get back together last year.

Photo courtesy ABC News