Courtney Stodden Responds To Her Mom’s Resignation As ‘Momager’

Courtney Stodden has broken her silence to her mother’s resignation on Thursday. The reality star claims that her mother threw her “under the bus.” Courtney also believes that her mother sees her as “standing in her way,” and that she had no choice but to have her resign.

Stodden, 20, took to her various social media accounts to responds to her mother’s resignation as her “momager.” Stodden appears to be deeply hurt by her mom’s request to no longer work as her manager. In the handwritten note, she claims that her mother is running to the press to shade her. Stodden also believes that her mother loves being in the spotlight, especially when it comes to her own daughter.

“My mom’s desire to be famous interfered with her ability to manage me effectively. She craved the limelight so much, she felt that, I, her daughter, was standing in her way. I was forced to have her resign. I do wish her the best. She’s my mother and I’ll always love her.”

Courtney Stodden's handwritten note. (Credit: Courtney Stodden/Twitter)
Courtney Stodden’s handwritten note. (Credit: Courtney Stodden/Twitter)

This comes after that news that Krista Keller, Courtney’s biological mother, announced she was resigning her position as her daughter’s manager on Wednesday. She cited “creative differences” between her and her daughter. In her statement with Fox411, Krista said that she’s managed Courtney ever since she was 16 years old.

“It’s very disappointing because I felt that things were not being done the way I felt they should be done. I think there was interference there and not in the best interest of her career. I’m not putting people down, I’m just saying I wish things would have gone differently in the last six months in her career and as far as the decision making, I feel as the manager, I should have been respected and listened to.”

Keller, 55, says that she’s not stepping away from her other manager duties. She’s open to working with new clients as she currently works with her husband, Reggie Keller.

“I will also be on the lookout for people that I would like to manage to help them reach their goals in the entertainment industry. I plan to use my time now to help my husband, Reggie, with his Christian website called, which is a ministry to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams through faith.”

Stodden’s sex tape is probably what caused Keller to resign. The reality star and model released a solo adult film with Vivid Entertainment on May 14. Stodden was reportedly paid $1 million for the video. Stodden claims that she will donate the proceeds of the sales from the adult video to charity. Rumors of Stodden’s sex tape was first reported by TMZ. It also leaked ahead of schedule. The footage shows Stodden taking a bath, pleasuring herself, and eating ice cream.

Courtney Stodden has been seen in several reality TV shows such as VH1’s Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother U.K. The blonde bombshell’s claim to fame happened when she married Lost actor Dough Hutchison. Courtney was 16 and Doug was 51 at the time of their marriage. Now, it looks like she’s reinventing herself as a Marilyn Monroe-inspired model, as documented on her Instagram account.

[Image: Courtney Stodden / Instagram]

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