Nintendo Gives A Peek Inside ‘Super Mario Maker’: Super Mario Amiibo, Collectibles, And Bundle

Later this week, Nintendo will finally release much-awaited Super Mario Maker, and to tease the millions of Super Mario fans with what’s in store on Nintendo’s newest title, Nintendo released a Nintendo Minute video showcasing the “un-boxing” or the opening of the Super Mario Maker box that can be purchased on Friday.

In celebration of Mario’s 30th birthday, Nintendo will be releasing a very special Super Mario Maker game that comes with beautiful packaging and collectibles. The Super Mario Maker will be sold in boxes which will contain a red-cased Nintendo Wii U game and a collectible Idea Book. The Idea Book that comes with the new Nintendo title will feature the basics of Super Mario Maker and will also include a ton of ideas and inspirations for people who are getting started on creating their Super Mario levels. Apart from design inspirations, Nintendo’s Idea Book will also feature primary sketches for the Super Mario game and exclusive design and renders.

Purchasing the standard edition of Nintendo’s latest game will get you the nicely-packaged Super Mario Maker plus the Idea Book. However, if you want a super cool 8-bit Mario Amiibo, you might want to check out the Super Mario Maker Limited Edition Pack. This Limited Edition Pack released by Nintendo will not only include the game and the Idea Book, but also an 8-bit Classic Colours Mario Amiibo.

Coinciding with the launch of Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker are the two new 8-bit-style Mario Amiibo that will be released by Nintendo. The first is the Classic Colours Mario Amiibo, which features the traditional NES Super Mario Bros. Mario wearing brown and red, included in the Super Mario Maker Limited Edition Pack.

The second Mario Amiibo is the Modern Colours Mario Amiibo that will feature Mario in his current colors, the red shirt, and blue overalls. However, Nintendo’s Modern Colours Mario Amiibo will come a bit pricier than the Classic Colours since it is only available if you get the Nintendo Wii U Super Mario Maker Deluxe Bundle. The Nintendo Wii U Super Mario Maker Deluxe Bundle Comes With the Nintendo Wii U console and Nintendo Wii U GamePad, the Super Mario Maker full game download, a hardbound Idea Book, and the 30th-anniversary Mario Modern Colours Amiibo figure, for a total of $299.

However, Nintendo brings Super Mario fans in other parts of the globe rather disappointing news since the Nintendo Wii U bundle that will bring the Mario Modern Colours Amiibo figure will be an exclusive to Nintendo Wii U bundles that will be launched in the U.S., confirmed by Amiibo News’ Twitter post.

Super Mario Maker will be released by Nintendo in the U.S. and Europe on September 11 and in Australia on September 12.

[Images via Nintendo]