Condom Company Asks Women What They Don’t Want…In Their Vagina [Video]

Sir Richard’s Condom Company is asking women a little bit more than “What do women really want?”. The prophylactic maker is asking women to loudly declare their “Vagina Rules” or more specifically they want women to tell the world what they will not allow in the vaginas.

When it comes to sex, every woman has their rules that will ever be broken (well absent 3/4 a bottle of Cuervo will never be broken). All women also have their rules namely the things and people that, absent extraordinary circumstances, will not be getting within ten feet of their vaginas. Sir Richard’s wants women to broadcast their “Vagina Rules” for the whole world to hear.

The campaign, which has included tons of hilarious posters plastered all over New York City and a special YouTube page, coincides with National Women’s Health Week reports the Huffington Post.

According to the company’s YouTube page,

“Sir Richard’s is calling upon women to share “rules about what they won’t put in their vagina” to raise awareness for the lesser-known chemicals that are often found in condoms and lubricant, including spermicide, parabens, and glycerin.”

Women have been overwhelmingly responding to the interesting campaigns and are more than happy to be filmed stating their “Vagina Rules”. Some of the things that have made the cut on the YouTube page are:

1. investment bankers
2. roadies
3. street performers
4. magicians
5. a mixologist
6. bowlers
7. local news anchors
8. “the bartender, Jeremy, at Sancho’s”

So for now the million dollar question is, what are you not allowing in your vagina?

Watch what women will not allow in their vaginas!