November 28, 2016
Anna Duggar: Will She Be At Amy Duggar's Wedding? And Will Her Daughter Be A Flower Girl?

Anna Duggar's marriage isn't exactly a happy one right now, so many Duggar fans are likely wondering whether Josh's wife will be able to emotionally handle watching her fellow former 19 Kids and Counting star, Amy Duggar, walk down the aisle today later today.

Amy wasn't expecting all this family drama to cast a shadow over her wedding, but at least her big day won't be darkened by her trouble-making cousin's presence. Josh Duggar recently admitted to cheating on Anna Duggar and being addicted to pornography, so he's currently in rehab trying to change his ways. ETonline reports that Josh won't get to leave the faith-based center in Illinois where he is being treated so that he can attend his cousin's wedding, but Anna Duggar is going to put on a brave face to celebrate with Amy and rest of the Duggar clan.

"What Anna is going through is unimaginable. The goal is that everyone enjoys the day," a family insider revealed. "[Amy] really wants this day to be about love and the future. No one is quite sure how Anna will be or how long she'll stay but this day is about support and positivity."

Amy told People that she's "shocked and furious" at Josh for cheating on Anna Duggar, so perhaps Josh should be relieved that he doesn't have to face his angry cousin. However, Amy certainly doesn't feel any animosity toward Anna -- after all, it's not her fault that her husband is such a scandal magnet.

Amy has already let Anna Duggar know that she has nothing but love for her, so hopefully the mother-of-four won't feel too uncomfortable at the wedding.

"I gave Anna the biggest hug on the planet," Amy told People. "I just wrapped my love around her."

Amy previously told People that Josh and Anna Duggar's five-year-old daughter, Mackynzie, was going to be one of her flower girls, and she was going to walk down the aisle with her fearsome foursome of young aunts: Jordyn (6), Josie (5), Jennifer (8), and Johanna (9) Duggar.

"They're going to be ringing bells and saying, 'The bride is coming, the bride is coming!'"
However, now ETonline is reporting that Amy won't have any flower girls. Maybe she became worried that Josh and Anna's marital woes would have a negative effect on Mackynzie's emotional state, so she decided to completely eliminate flower girls from her ceremony instead of leaving the poor little girl out.

Amy is going to do her best to accommodate Anna Duggar and her other ultra-conservative family members at her wedding. Jim Bob and his offspring don't drink alcohol, so Amy and her fiancé, Dillon King, are making sure that their bar is stocked with non-alcoholic treats like "watermelon-infused flavored water." There will also be a DJ and dancing, which is problematic for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their massive clan of kids. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle think it's sinful to listen to secular music, "especially music that has a beat." Jim Bob fears that boys might get "defrauded" by watching women dance, so Amy and Dillon won't get the party started until after her uncle and his family decide to head home.

Are you surprised that Anna Duggar is going to attend Amy's wedding without Josh?

[Image credits: Anna Duggar, Amy Duggar/Instagram]