Two New York Skydivers Collide In Mid-Air, One Critically Injured [Breaking]

In what can only be described as a freak accident, two skydivers from New York were injured after they collided in mid-air, while in the midst of a jump. According to ABC News, the two skydivers were involved in a mid-air collision above the skies of Calverton, Long Island. The individuals have been identified as 29-year-old Kevin Arcamona and 46-year-old Patricia Baronowski. Initial reports say that Kevin’s knee accidentally collided with Patricia’s head while the duo were in the midst of a free fall. While the collision did not cause major injuries to Kevin, Patricia was knocked unconscious. Her free fall continued until her reserve parachute deployed automatically. Patricia finally landed on a tree, 15-to-20 feet above the ground, local police officials confirmed.

Both the injured skydivers were taken to the nearby Stony Brook hospital where Baronowski was listed to be in a critical condition. Kevin was discharged from the hospital after undergoing a checkup.

According to another report by Fox News, Patricia was rushed to the hospital on a police helicopter while the less-grievously injured Kevin was taken by road. Patricia’s injuries were initially listed as being non-life threatening. Her current status remains unknown.

Meanwhile, a Patch report points that a similar accident last year had claimed the life of a New York City correction officer from Medford. The officer was killed and another person injured when they hit each other during a tandem skydiving jump at Long Island.

Back in February, the Inquisitr had reported about another incident in which two skydivers are caught on camera — barely missed being hit by a plane. More recently, an incredible video showing the moment a skydiver suffers from a seizure while in mid-air was also published here.

[Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images]