Will Smith Slaps Reporter At Men In Black III Premiere

At the Moscow red carpet premier of Men in Black III, world renown actor Will Smith slapped a television reporter who attempted to kiss him on the lips.

The Ukrainian television reporter, Vitalii Sediuk, is known for having appeared at the Venice Film Festival back in September, when he gave Madonna a beautiful bouquet of purple hydrangeas and called her “my princess.”

Madonna reacted to the flowers in a somewhat bashing manor, as the pop icon went as far as to say:

“I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.”

Madonna ditched the flowers under a table prior to entering the conference. Shortly after, she created a short silent film titled “Madonna’s Love Letter To Hydrangeas.” The film begins with an insincere apology and ends with subtitles reading:

“I’m left with the feeling that I still hate hydrangeas.”

Will was infuriated when Sediuk approached him on the carpet, outside of the theater, and attempted to kiss him. In response to the smooch attempt, the Men In Black actor pushed and slapped the reporter lightly across the cheek with the backside of his left hand while clearly stating:

“C’mon man. What the hell is your problem buddy?”

After the slap, Smith stated to the surrounding crowd of fans and reporters: “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him. Oh, I said that on camera. It’s all good.”

Will Smith was under the impression that Serdiuk attempted to kiss him on the lips. The reality of the situation was that he was merely trying kiss Smith’s cheek and Will maneuvered to dodge him. The misunderstanding could have escalated, but both maintained their composure.

What do you think of Will Smith slapping Vitalii Serdiuk?

Sources: Chicago Tribune / U.S. News