New York Shooting: Brooklyn Robber Jerrol Harris Dodges 83 NYPD Bullets [Video]

A New York shooting started when two plain clothed officers discovered a 52-year-old male shot in the arm in front of 1266 Madison Street. The NYPD discovered the 27-year-old suspect Jerrol Harris near the scene of the crime, but the resulting chase involved cars, foot chases, and 84 bullets.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, after an 11-year-old shot a 16-year-old teen, some neighbors are claiming the shooting was not in self defense.

The late night Brooklyn shooting started when 52-year-old Leon Faison was loading his SUV for a family trip. When he popped the rear hatch, he discovered that Harris was already robbing the family vehicle. The robber shot Faison once in the arm and then fled the scene.

The NYPD News website says the police were able to track down the Brooklyn shooting suspect quickly since they were provided a description, which included red pants. Largely due to these bright colors, they observed him fleeing.

“The officers canvassed the area and encountered the suspect on Jefferson Avenue between Evergreen Avenue and Bushwick Avenue,” the report said. The car chase turned into a running gun battle when Jerrol Harris allegedly opened fire with a stolen.45 caliber Taurus Millennium pistol at the police officers who had tried to block off his escape route.

“He fired at them, and they fired back,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis. “That’s when he was hit.”

Unfortunately, the New York shooting did not end as quickly as those words might convey. The suspected robber turned towards the officers and discharged his firearm multiple times, striking the officer’s vehicle. The sergeant and officer returned fire, and a foot pursuit ensued.

“He then gets behind a parked car and he starts to shoot at the cops,” said Davis. “They shoot at him.”

Officers Wanda Crooks and Alem-Tsehay Clarke both emptied their weapons at the fleeing suspect and eventually, one of the 84 bullets fired so far managed to penetrate the man’s calf, putting an end to the foot chase. When the NYPD Deputy Commissioner was asked about the high number of shots fired, Davis said the NYPD officers acted properly considering the situation.

“You have a running gun battle here. There are a lot of cops involved and it takes places in several different locations. It’s not as if everything was stationary,” Davis said.

Jerrol Harris survived the Brooklyn shootout and was taken to Kings County Hospital to have his calf wound treated. The suspected robber is listed in stable condition. According to the New York Daily News, Harris’ criminal history included four robbery arrests in addition to drug and gun possession.

[Image via NYPD/Twitter]