Dream Kardashian Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mom, Blac Chyna, In New Photo

Dream Kardashian made a rare appearance on her mother, Blac Chyna's Instagram page on Thursday, and it's hard to deny their resemblance. In the photo, both Dream and Chyna look very similar while making the same goofy face at the camera. Some fans were quick to point out the similarity in the comments section of the post but there were still lots of others who claimed that the 2-year-old looks a lot more like her father, Rob Kardashian.

"Look just like her daddy," wrote one of her followers.

"Not really she looks more like her dad," another commented.

Blac Chyna later uploaded a video of herself and Dream in which the toddler got really excited about the "rainbow hair" that the Instagram filter gives to her.

In the comments of that post, many gushed over how adorable Dream looks in the clip.

"Dreamy is too cute," one fan commented.

In the comments section of this post, there aren't as many people noting a resemblance to Rob. However, one commenter saw the similarity to her mom.

"She starting to look more like you," they wrote.

The cuteness of the mother-daughter posts makes it easy to forget how fraught Chyna's relationship with Rob became, though their romance seemed sweet at first. As a timeline published by Us Weekly noted, they made things "Instagram official" with a photo of Kardashian's arm wrapped around Chyna. In April of 2016, they announced their engagement and about a month later, they revealed that Chyna was pregnant.

But the happy news was soon overshadowed by the friction in their relationship. In July, three months after the engagement announcement, Rob removed all of the photos of Chyna from his Instagram page in a move that was reportedly triggered by an "explosive fight" between them.

Dream was born in November of 2016. Not too long after that, Rob Kardashian revealed via Snapchat that Chyna had moved out and taken the baby with her.

"I'm pretty upset and I'm pretty sad," he said in the clip. "Because it's about to be Christmas and I want to be with my baby."

A series of break-ups and reconciliations apparently followed until the couple was later embroiled in a "revenge porn" scandal. As Us Weekly notes, on July 5, 2017, Rob Kardashian shared partially nude photos of the mother of his child on Instagram and also claimed that she had been unfaithful to him. When the social media platform disabled his account for violating its rules, he continued his rants against Chyna on Twitter.

According to a previous report from TMZ, the former couple has since settled their custody dispute over Dream.

Recently, however, as The Inquisitr reported, the couple had a public disagreement via legal letters and Instagram posts over whether their daughter should be a part of Chyna's new reality TV show.