Jill Duggar Is Back In Arkansas For Amy’s Wedding, Cute Facebook Photo of Jana And Israel Posted

It looks like Jill Duggar is back home in Arkansas once again with husband Derick and son Israel. They have just traveled all the way from Central America for Cousin Amy’s wedding. According to the Duggar Family Facebook page, the whole family is enjoying some time with them before the big day, especially little Israel Dillard. The family posted some photos of the baby with his aunt Jana.

Amy Duggar is getting married to fiancé Dillion King this weekend, and the whole family was expected to be there for her special day. This also gives Jill and Derick a chance to have some extra time with both sides of their family as well. Jana Duggar obviously adores her sister’s firstborn, and it looks like the feeling is mutual. Israel is even getting a quick lesson in piano playing from his auntie.

Israel is getting so big and seems to be a very happy little boy. Jill had previously mentioned that he is the center of attention with the people in Central America. It seems that he is the center of attention here at home as well.

Jill Duggar had posted a sweet photo on Thursday of her son. It looks like they may have been in the U.S. then, as he is sitting in a high chair in what looks to be a restaurant.

For more new pictures of cute little Israel visit: www.dillardfamily.com

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Jessa Duggar Seewald, who is pregnant with her first child, sent out a picture of her nephew the day before, but that one may have been from out of the country or could be here in the States. One thing is for sure: this little guy is the cutest thing ever.

Amy and Dillon are walking down the aisle on Saturday, and the Duggar’s are all excited to share this moment with her. She has been seen on their former reality show on TLC a few times and everyone seems to like her, despite the fact that she lives a little different lifestyle than the rest of this famous family.

People Magazine had reported that Amy Duggar couldn’t wait to have her name changed just as soon as she could. It sounded like it was because of the whole Josh Duggar scandal that she didn’t want to have her last name associated with it any longer. However, it could be that she is just anxious to become known as Mrs. Amy King.

“I can’t wait to change my name! It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs that marriage license and my last name changes. You have no idea!”

There will be sure to be plenty more pictures and updates on Jill Duggar and her family’s visit in Arkansas. You can also bet that there will be lots of wedding photos as well.

[Photo from Jill Duggar Instagram]