Mom Banned From Facebook After Posting Pictures Of Terminally Ill Son

Heather Walker has been banned from Facebook after posting pictures of her newborn son, who suffered from a rare birth defect called Anencephaly, where parts of the brain and skull fail to form.

Heather and her husband, Patrick, knew at 16 weeks that Grayson would not survive for long after his birth, due to the defect. In fact, when he was born, the baby lived for only 8 hours. The couple chose to go through with the pregnancy, despite knowing Grayson’s condition.

Walker’s son was born on February 15, 2012, and lived for a total of eight hours. During that time, a professional photographer that the couple hired took pictures of mom, dad, baby, and his siblings, with and without his hat.

Afterwards, Huffington Post reports that Heather posted the photos on Facebook for her friends to see. Facebook, however, immediately took the pictures down, stating that they were inappropriate content.

The Daily Mail reports that:

“According to Facebook’s community standards page, there are nine types of content that may be deemed offensive and removed: Violence and Threats, Self-Harm, Bullying and Harassment, Hate Speech, Graphic Violence, Nudity and Pornography, Identity and Privacy, Intellectual Property and Phishing and Spam.”

Walker stated to KCTV-5 that:

“Not long after, Facebook deleted them because of the content. They allow people to post almost nude pictures of themselves, profanity, and so many other things but I’m not allowed to share a picture of God’s beautiful creation.”

In protest, Heather Walker and her friends reposted the pictures, and the new mom was subsequently temporarily banned from the social networking site for 24 hours. Walker has since gotten back on Facebook and posted the pictures once more. This time, the pictures have remained up on the site.

KCTV-5 reports that Heather has received numerous responses on the pictures of her son without his hat, both good and bad. To the bad ones, she responds:

“If you’re my friend and you want to see the picture then look at it, but if you don’t, just like any TV show or anything else you watch, if you don’t want to see it you don’t have to. But I want to share this with people just like any other person wants to share their baby or their child.”