Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Kim Davis Caused F*g Marriage!’

Westboro Baptist Church isn’t exactly known for their spirited support of the gay community’s fight for equal marriage rights. Yet jailed Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has found herself at odds with the group despite her refusal to issue gay marriage licenses. For Westboro Baptist Church, Kim apparently just isn’t sinless enough.

On Friday, Westboro Baptist Church began tweeting Bible verses and takedowns of Davis, calling her out for her own “sins of adultery.”

Westboro Baptist Church’s remarks were met with the usual outraged, and sometimes confused, replies. Even though Kim is hated among gay rights supporters right now, it seems that few are ready to side with WBC on this one.

This isn’t the first time Westboro Baptist Church has caused controversy in the last week. Plans to protest the funeral of Adam Hunt — the WDBJ cameraman who was murdered alongside Allison Parker — were canceled after widespread community outrage, reported ABC 7. Local pastor V. Lonie Peek told the station what many are probably thinking about the Davis tweets — WBC feeds off of publicity and will attach on anything attracting attention to get it.

“Anyone can claim to be speaking for God, but see, God speaks for himself. I think what they do is they take a situation, they explode it so that the camera is on them. All they are is protesting “no,” they’re not for everything… We find ourselves right now in a period there is very demonically inspired.”

What do you think about Westboro Baptist Church’s tweets about Kim Davis?

[Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images]