Donald Trump Security Guard Accused Of Slapping Trump Tower Protester [Watch]

One of Donald Trump's security guards has been accused of slapping a Trump Tower protester at a demonstration claiming the GOP frontrunner is a racist. The situation with Efrain Galicia, an immigrant from Mexico, occurred outside of the Trump Tower in New York on Thursday.

Efrain Galicia, 50, has been living in the United States for 30 years, according to a Daily Mail report. It is unclear if the Donald Trump protester is an illegal immigrant. Individuals upset that the Republican presidential candidate said he would deport the 11 million people who broke the law when crossing the border into the United States, carried signs reading, "Make America Racist Again." The phrase mocked Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.

A security guard at the Trump Tower is shown taking down a sign which reportedly blocked the entryway when Galicia approaches the guard and grabs him from behind. The protesters maintain that the Donald Trump security guard then turned and "slapped" Galicia, who lost his footing and moved backwards several feet. A second security guard came to help and allegedly tried to hold the immigrant back, and a "tussle," which was caught on video, ensued.
"They pushed me around," Galicia said during an interview with the New York Post. "We brought all our banners. We know the law. We know we can protest along the sidewalk."It's like the way his boss behaves: pushing out ­Ramos from Univision. These guys, his servants, they think they can do the same thing."A Donald Trump representative told the New York Times that Efrain Galicia was the aggressor in the altercation and charges will likely be pressed over the incident in front of the Trump Tower. The protester also stated he would be pressing charges. No official police complaint was filed with the NYPD by Thursday evening.Some of the Trump Tower protesters wore KKK hoods. One demonstrator held up a poster of a Native American which read, "This is a real f*****g immigrant Go back to Europe!"

An unidentified protester shouted, "These people built America. If you don't believe that, then take these skyscrapers and shove them up your a*s!"

Exactly why the protester feel Donald Trump is a racist is not clear. While the presidential candidate has voiced intense support for building a wall between the United States and Mexico in an effort to enforce existing immigration laws, to stop illegal immigration, and to enhance national security.

What do you think about the clash between the Donald Trump security guard and the Trump Tower protesters?

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