Mandy Gottschalk: Missing Mom’s Killer Stuffed Body In Closet Then ‘Partied,’ Prosecutor Charges

Shocking new details emerged Wednesday in the horrific and heartbreaking killing of Mandy Gottschalk, a 36-year-old mom-of-four who lived in Ashtabula, Ohio. The new information about her murder was released by the Ashtabula County prosecutor who obtained an indictment Tuesday for the mom’s boyfriend, who beat Mandy to death while his buddy watched, according to the indictment.

The mom and her boyfriend, Kyle Starkey, spent the day at the Lake Erie beach town of Geneva-on-Lake, Ohio, on August 14, but according to earlier reports, the two fought and Mandy Gottschalk left on her own, driven home by a female friend who dropped her off.

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Starkey, who is not related to any of Mandy Gottschalk’s four children, arrived home about two hours later. According to his original version of events, Gottschalk was gone when he arrived and he never saw her again. The woman was declared a missing person by her family, who had not heard from her a full day later.

But County Prosecutor Nicholas Iarocci now says that not only was Starkey lying about what happened when he got home, the boyfriend committed “one of the most brutal beatings and murders that has taken place since my tenure as County Prosecutor.”

The indictments say that another man, Starkey’s friend, Ryan McBride of North Kingsville, Ohio, sat back and watched as his buddy mercilessly beat his girlfriend to death. And then the two friends shoved her broken body into a closet and “partied.”

“It is alleged that Kyle Starkey brutally beat Mandy Gottschalk to death and that Ryan McBride witnessed the beating and murder which took place at Starkey and Gottschalk’s home on Washington Avenue in Ashtabula,” Iarocci said in a statement summarizing the charges.

“Starkey, with McBride’s assistance, allegedly hid Gottschalk’s body in a closet of the home for as long as a few days while Starkey and McBride partied. Upon returning to the residence, both Starkey and McBride moved the body to a location in close proximity to the home where Starkey dug a shallow grave and buried the body,” the prosecutor said.

Her body was found in that shallow grave on August 24.

Mandy Gottschalk, according to her obituary in the Star-Beacon newspaper, was the mother of four children, Savanah and Dylan — who lived with their mom and whose father, Mandy’s ex-husband James Gottschalk, lives in Pennsylvania — and Olivia and Wyatt who live with their father, Matt Pirigyi, in Jefferson, Ohio.

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