Hero Dog Saves Dogsitter From Burglar

It's often said that dogs are man's -- or woman's -- best friend and that they can tell friend from foe. Gloria, from California, attributes the fact that she is alive to a friend's dog named Molly. Gloria was watching Molly for a friend in her Valley Center home when an intruder broke in. She stated the following, according to Life With Dogs.

"We walked around here, we saw him, I said, 'Stop!' The guy was right there. He could've [hit or] killed me. I mean, you know, he's a young guy, I'm an old lady....And he looks at me and he's got my laptop, and I'm like, 'What are you doing in my house? What are you doing with my laptop?'...She just got him! She just stood between us like, 'You're not going to get my mom, no way!'"
Molly, apparently sensing that something was wrong, intervened between Gloria and the burglar. And the normally placid dog bit the burglar on the ankle. Molly even chased the intruder to the gate, but couldn't follow him any further.

The burglar had packed his pockets with items stolen from Gloria, but lost many of them, as he tossed them away fleeing from Molly. Gloria even gave her steak to the heroic dog, who had certainly earned a special reward, according to ABC Channel 10 News, KGTV San Diego. Gloria stated the following about the special dog.

"And he fell over the white picket fence and he was throwing stuff out the whole time, out of his pockets, all this stuff....It's like she was just trying to get him out of here or away from us."
The burglar was described as a five-foot, six-inch-tall man with a dark complexion and a ponytail. Sheriffs urge anyone who knows or has seen the man to call 911.

Another hero dog rescued her blind owner from a house fire. The fire started in a home on the 4300 block of Oakmont Street in Philadelphia's Holmesburg section. Horrifically, a blind woman in her sixties was trapped inside. Luckily, she has a great service dog named Yolanda who dialed 911 on a specialized phone, saving their lives. The hero dog — a yellow Labrador retriever — is being honored for saving her owner's life, according to an article in the Inquisitr. Amazingly, the hero dog also saved her owner, who was unconscious, last year too, again dialing 911.

Have you ever had a hero dog? Do you know of any? Please leave your comments below.

[Photo By Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images, not a photo of Molly]