Labor Day 2015: What Stores, Businesses, Banks, Restaurants Are Open Or Closed On Monday

Labor day 2015 is just around the corner, and everyone is already making plans for the three-day weekend that the majority of workers will have. It’s one that gives laborers the chance to take a day for them, but not everyone will be at home or living it up. It’s time to check out which businesses, banks, stores, and more will be open or closed for Labor Day.

Please make sure to always check with your local offices for any business because some may not be closed the entire day, but simply have shortened hours.

Will The United States Post Office Be Open And Delivering?

There will not be any mail delivered on Labor Day, so no need to head out to collect anything from the mailbox. USPS has a list of all postal holidays for 2015 and those that you won’t be able to head into offices or receive mail.

Also, don’t expect any sanitation or recycling services as well.

Are UPS And FedEx Delivering And Open On Monday?

UPS will observe Labor Day 2015, which means they will be closed and there will be no delivery or anything from the men and women in brown.

FedEx will also be closed for Labor Day with no Express, Ground, Home Delivery, or Freight. On Tuesday, Sept. 8, everything will be running normally again, except for home delivery.

Is The Stock Market Open And Operating?

No, it will be closed on Monday. The Street has a full list of all holidays observed by the stock market, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them all. Don’t look for the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange to be in operation.

Are Any Banks Open At All?

While some people may say that certain branches of banks are open, they usually aren’t. As the Holiday Schedule states, banks do observe and recognize Labor Day as a holiday and will be closed.

Smaller institutions are typically closed on Labor Day. The bigger banks such as Chase, Bank of America, CitiBank, and others are sometimes open on holidays such as this, but not Labor Day.

What Federal And State Offices Are Going To Be Open On Labor Day 2015?

Not a single one of them. That’s right, don’t head out to get your license renewed at the DMV or head to city hall for some new paperwork. Those employees will have the day off, and you’ll have to take care of business on Tuesday.

Will Malls, Retail Stores, And Restaurants Be Open On Labor Day 2015?

Labor Day is actually one of the days to get some of the best sales of the year. Be sure to check out Macy’s, Kmart, Walmart, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, and so many other stores for some great bargains and huge savings. Many sales will run the full Labor Day weekend, so get your deals in while you can.

Please take notice of your local grocery stores’ and pharmacies’ hours, though, as this may not be the case. Some of them are only open for shorter hours, and others are not opening their doors at all on Monday. The same can be said for numerous restaurants, especially local eateries.

Labor Day 2015 has a lot of sales coming too so please take notice now and be prepared for any items you may want to pick up at a great bargain. For all those simply taking the weekend to relax, make sure you know what is open or closed for Labor Day, and it will be time without stress.

[Image via Saving Advice]