Joe Biden Supports Bernie Sanders, Says He’s ‘Doing A Helluva Job’

Joe Biden recently threw his name into the ring for the 2016 United States presidential race, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t support the other Democratic candidates. The current Vice President talked up progressive champion Bernie Sanders at his fundraiser event this Wednesday.

According to CNN, Joe Biden admitted that, while he and Bernie Sanders do not agree on every political issue, he thinks Sanders is an outstanding candidate, especially in terms of charisma.

“I am not a populist. But Bernie Sanders, he’s doing a helluva job,” said Joe Biden.

The event was held in the home of real estate developer Stephen Bittel in Coconut Grove, Miami. Many high-paying Democratic donors attended the fundraiser, each shelling out $33,400 for the privilege of being there. Joe Biden spent several hours talking to the guests, but no one expected him to give a positive plug for self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders.

According to Politico, many attendees thought it was downright bizarre of Biden to mention Bernie Sanders, since most of the event’s guests weren’t Sanders supporters.

“What the hell was he saying?” said one guest. “I mean, 90 percent of the room is a Hillary donor.”

“Yeah. It was kinda weird,” said another.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Barack Obama gave Joe Biden his personal blessing to run for president in 2016. But apparently Joe Biden said nothing about his own bid for the White House. Instead, he spoke highly of Bernie Sanders, who is arguably one of the two Democratic frontrunners besides Hillary Clinton.

One guest told the press that he was disappointed that the fundraiser was not used as an opportunity to talk about Joe Biden’s candidacy, especially since he did take time to mention Bernie Sanders.

“He did say that Bernie Sanders was doing a great job exciting his crowds,” said the guest.

Joe Biden is reportedly still making up his mind about running for president in 2016, but it may be difficult to get a leg up in the race after all the momentum Bernie Sanders has gained among progressive voters. An automatic affiliation with the current president, Barack Obama, could also hurt Biden’s chances.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump seems to be the frontrunner among the Republican candidates despite ongoing controversy about arguably racist remarks.

Do you think Joe Biden would make a better president than Bernie Sanders? What about Donald Trump?

[Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images]