Josh Duggar: Danica Dillon Says Sex With Josh Was ‘Like Being Raped,’ Gives Anna Duggar Advice [Video]

Josh Duggar’s alleged adult film star paramour, Danica Dillon, is speaking out about what having sex with the former 19 Kids and Counting star was like, and what she has to say certainly isn’t flattering. Dillon also has a little advice for Josh’s wife of almost seven years, Anna Duggar.

Danica Dillon recently talked to ET Online about the two sexual encounters she had with Josh Duggar. After watching Dillon perform at a Philadelphia strip club earlier this year, Duggar offered her $1,500 to have sex with him. Josh Duggar always tried to come off as a big softie with a sense of humor on 19 Kids and Counting, but Dillon says he was nothing like his wholesome TV persona in the bedroom. In fact, she said that sex with Josh was downright scary.

“He threw me on the bed and, in all honesty, though it was consensual it more or less felt like I was being raped.”

Danica reiterated that she never said no to Josh Duggar and that their encounter was completely consensual, but she had to ask him to quit being so aggressive.

“I did push him back and push him off and say, ‘That’s too rough, that’s too rough,'” Danica revealed.

The adult film star/stripper previously talked to In Touch Weekly about her trysts with Josh Duggar, and the tabloid claims that Danica Dillon passed a lie detector test while being asked about her frightening experience. She told In Touch Weekly that Josh tossed her around like “a rag doll” during the same encounter described above.

“It was very traumatic,” Dillon revealed. “I’ve had rough sex before, but this was terrifying.”

According to Dillon, Josh Duggar was an obsessive fan who had been following her career for a long time. He allegedly told her that he saw her first sex scene on an adult website, and he asked her to sign a few explicit photos of scenes from her videos.

Even though Danica’s first experience with Josh was scary, she agreed to have sex with him a second time. He apologized for their first encounter after showing up at a strip club where she was the featured dancer, and he again offered her $1,500 for sex. According to Danica, Josh was “verbally abusive,” but he didn’t manhandle her like he did the first time.

Josh Duggar’s alleged encounters with Danica took place in March and April, and she claims that he didn’t use protection both times. Anna Duggar was heavily pregnant with her fourth child while Josh was out enjoying himself by being adulterous. On August 20, Josh confessed to cheating on Anna in a statement that was posted on the Duggar Family blog.

Danica told ET Online that she “had no clue” that Josh Duggar was a reality show star when she met him, but she had heard of 19 Kids and Counting. She also stated that she did not know Josh was married with children, and she never had any desire to gain fame by being linked to a celebrity scandal. Now that Danica knows about Anna’s existence, she has a little advice for her.

“I think she needs to leave him, and separate herself and her children from him, until he mentally can be stable enough to be trusted around his children.”

A few of Anna Duggar’s “very angry” family members think that separating from Josh while he seeks help isn’t enough. A Duggar family insider told PEOPLE that these family members want Josh “to just disappear” so that Anna and her kids can move on with their lives. They’ll have plenty of time to try to talk Anna into leaving Josh during his lengthy stint in rehab.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Danica isn’t the only woman who has stepped forward to talk about having sex with Josh. Another unnamed woman recently revealed that she had a pregnancy scare after having unprotected sex with Josh Duggar.

You can check out Danica’s ET interview below. Do you think Anna will stay with Josh Duggar after hearing these women’s stories?

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