Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Is Kam Chancellor Needed By Team?

Seattle Seahawks rumors have the Kam Chancellor holdout being addressed by Bruce Irvin. Seahawks rumors about Chancellor and his contract have controlled the front of the sports page for nearly a month in Seattle. A report from now relays what one of his teammates has to say about the whole situation. What Irvin ends up discussing on the radio show Brock and Salk is whether or not the Seahawks really need Chancellor in order to get back to a third-straight Super Bowl.

“I feel like it’s how you look at it. In his shoes, he put his body through a lot of stuff. He feels as if he should be the highest paid safety, as he should. Some people look at it as, you sign the contract and you should respect that and play it out. I think it just depends on how you look at it. I honestly don’t know because I think he deserves his money, but I also feel like we need him and he should be here.”

Bruce Irvin has a lot of firsthand knowledge to contract situations like this one, as he has also appeared in several Seattle Seahawks rumors dealing with his own status. He didn’t respond well when the Seahawks declined to pick up a fifth year option in his deal, making Irvin a free agent following the 2015 NFL season. At the time, Irvin felt that he had been disrespected by the organization, noting that he would make his money with another team in 2016 at one point.

Regarding Irvin’s comments, they cover exactly how fans feel about the entire holdout. Most agree that Kam Chancellor deserves a raise from his current pay rate, especially after Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas got nice new contracts. The problem is that most fans also feel he is going about it in the wrong way, and that he is putting his personal goals in front of those of the team. That’s where a disconnect has occurred between Chancellor and the fans that want to cheer him on from Week 1.

There is no end in sight for the Kam Chancellor holdout, with neither side willing to bend when it comes to the situation. The front office in Seattle thinks Chancellor needs to play out the three years he still has left on this contract, while the agent for Chancellor feels he deserves an immediate raise. These Seattle Seahawks rumors underscore how important he is to the team, but time is quickly running out. The Seahawks’ regular season schedule begins on September 13 against the St. Louis Rams.

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