Iggy Azalea Collaborates With Demi Lovato Without Even Hearing The Song

Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea showed everyone that they are “cool for the summer” at the MTV Music Video Awards this past Sunday (August 30), when Lovato was joined by Azalea on stage as she performed her hit song. With this performance, Demi and the “Pretty Girls” singer proved that they sound great together on a collaboration.

This isn’t the only song that Lovato has had Azalea on board with, though. While recording her up-and-coming album, Confident, Demi asked her bestie to record a guest verse for the song “Kingdom Come,” as well. Lovato recently talked with Billboard about how she knew from the beginning that she wanted her friend to be featured on the album.

“I wanted [Iggy] to be on this album from the first time that I heard that song, even before we knew each other. And then we became good friends, and so it was kind of a situation where it was like, we have to work together.”

It’s no secret that the two women sound great together, but Lovato shared with MTV News that she and Azalea are so close, she didn’t even need to hear the new track by Demi before recording her piece in it.

“When we finally made the decision of which songs were making the album I said, ‘OK, I want her on this one.’ So I called her and was like, ‘Hey will you do a song?’ And she’s like,’Yeah sure I’ll go into the studio tonight.’ I was like, ‘Do you want to hear it first?’ She’s like, ‘No it’s cool.’ I’m like, ‘You’re an amazing friend and I love you.'”

Apparently, it went well in the recording studio for Iggy because Demi seemed to be pleased with how the track turned out after her friend’s part was added in.

“I was a fan of her before we were friends, so I feel like I knew what it would sound like. And I was just excited to hear it back, it was so much more than I even expected.”

It’s definitely impressive that Azalea was able to record her verse for this new song by Lovato without even needing to hear it, and it shows how close the two women are.

According to MTV, Demi and Iggy are such good friends that Demi is even going to be a bridesmaid in the “Black Widow” singer’s wedding.

You can hear Lovato and Azalea’s collaboration on the new album by Demi Lovato, Confident, on October 16.

[Photo Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]