‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 10 Eviction Plans May Shift As A Vote Flip Plan Swirls

Viewers could be in for a wild Thursday night episode of Big Brother 17. Spoilers indicate that there has been talk of a vote flip in the house, but chances seem to be against it ultimately coming together. Fans know that Vanessa has put Meg and Julia on the block after James won the Power of Veto, and there’s a double eviction coming up. What can viewers expect?

While fans know that Thursday’s episode will have a double eviction, the BB17 houseguests don’t realize it yet. Though they suspect another double eviction is coming, they seem to be speculating that it’ll come next week rather than this week. Given that, a lot of the planning for these next couple of evictions could be shaken up pretty thoroughly during Thursday’s show.

Vanessa has indicated that she wants Meg to be evicted, despite the threat that Austin, Liz, and Julia present as a solid trio. Though Vanessa had toyed with changing course, at this point, it would seem that she’s stuck with the idea that it’s Meg’s time to go.

While Vanessa has deals going with virtually everybody in the house, some of the BB17 houseguests have been doing some talking without her. Specifically, as Big Brother Network details, Johnny Mac and Steve have been considering a different plan.

While both John and Steve have been closely aligned with Vanessa, they’ve done a lot of talking about evicting Julia over Meg. Big Brother spoilers detail that the two have run through the numbers and options and can see that they may put themselves in a better position by keeping Meg and aligning with James over their current situation.

However, both John and Steve have been pretty skittish about this potential vote flip. John seems on the verge of shifting, but Steve has waffled quite a bit. As of Thursday morning, it seems that Steve just isn’t ready to pull the trigger.

Interestingly, both Vanessa and Austin have been in conversations throughout the week about voting out Julia, and everybody has seemingly been on the verge of going along with it. Unfortunately, the problem may be that there’s just nobody ready to definitively say it’s time to make the move.

Though things could change during the day, at this point, it seems as if the vote will likely go in Julia’s favor. Fans are hoping that Steve will scrounge up the courage to do it, as it sounds as if John and James would be happy to go that route. However, without Steve’s vote, it won’t happen, and he just seems too scared to go against Vanessa.

Regardless of which houseguest is the first evicted, the BB17 house likely will be pretty shaken up when they learn there’s a second eviction on the way. This will be a key Head of Household competition to win, and as Buddy TV notes, it looks like either the Power of Veto competition or the next HOH competition will be one that incorporates more chance than strategy.

The Big Brother 17 finale is right around the corner, and these houseguests are running out of time to secure themselves a spot in the finale. Tune into the next BB17 episode airing on Thursday, September 3 to see which two houseguests are headed to the jury next.

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