Haylie Duff Shows Off Daughter Ryan During ‘Baby’s First Vacation’

Haylie Duff has been keeping fans on the edge of their seat since she welcomed her first daughter into the world back on May 11 of this year, and has yet to share a full photograph of her baby girl on social media.

Up until yesterday, Haylie Duff has only given fans little snapshots of baby Ryan, meaning fans really only got to see a little foot, or just enough of a shot to show off her cute smile, but never a full shot that included the adorable baby’s full face!

Well according to E! News, fans can rest easy now, because Haylie took to Instagram and posted not one, but two photos of little baby Ryan Ava!


In the first photo, fans get not only a full body shot, but one that showcases little baby Ryan’s adorable little smirk! The adorable photo was captioned with “Baby’s first vacation. #RyanAvaErhard #16Weeks.”

The second photo was a nice little close-up of baby Ryan, this time captioned with “Our sweet baby girl #RyanAvaErhard Rosenberg is 16 weeks today.”

No wonder new mom Haylie decided to show off baby Ryan to the world! The little girl hit a big milestone! 16 weeks is a pretty big deal after all!

It looks like the Duff sisters have some cute kids on their hands! According to People magazine, Haylie recently took to Instagram to post a photograph of her 3-year-old nephew, Luca Cruz, the son of her sister, Hilary. Luca and Hilary are both very important people in her life, and according to the magazine, during a recent interview, Haylie admitted that she has come to rely a lot on sister Hilary since she gave birth to daughter Ryan.

“She’s been there to support me. Whether I just want to cry for a minute or I just need her to hold [Ryan] for a second or whatever it is, she’s just there to support me in any way she can.”

So what do fans think of baby Ryan’s social media debut? Just check out the Twitter chatter for yourself!

@PEOPLEbabies @people @HaylieDuff Ryan Ava is sooo cute!!!

— Los Angeles Mom (@FrankieE_LA) September 3, 2015

Now tell us! What did you think of baby Ryan’s social media debut? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Photo by Valerie Macon / Getty Images]