WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Madison Square Garden May Have Spoiled ‘Night Of Champions’ Title Matches

WWE’s Night of Champions is still over two weeks away, but plans are already being made for beyond that date. The big WWE Network special in Madison Square Garden at the beginning of October has been in the works for over a month. The arena has been putting out promotional advertisements for that event, and they actually may have spoiled the outcomes of the two biggest title matches for Night of Champions.

As recapped by WWE.com, it was revealed on Monday Night Raw that Seth Rollins would indeed pull double-duty at the next Pay-Per-View. Not only will he have to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Sting but also defend the United States Title against John Cena.

wwe night of champions us title

The possibility is there for Rollins to lose both of his championships in one night, and it very well looks like that may happen.

The official website for Madison Square Garden has been promoting the WWE Network special for October 3. Yes, the matches they have listed are always subject to change, but they’ve already changed once and it makes all this even weirder.

When the event was first announced, it had Seth Rollins taking on John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. That would make it seem as if Rollins was going to hold onto the WWE Title and defeat Sting at Night of Champions.

The card for MSG has already changed. Now, the site for Madison Square Garden lists this match as follows.

“John Cena
Seth Rollins

This match can definitely happen, as one or the other will be holding onto the United States championship after Night of Champions. The interesting thing is that the champion is usually listed or announced first, and in this case, it’s Cena who is not the champ at this time.

Well, the big thing is if someone defeats whomever wins the title, between the PPV and the WWE Network special.

Maybe a lot can’t be taken from this since it is just an announcement of matches currently being advertised for the Madison Square Garden event and superstars who may appear. Still, it is odd that MSG would have one match listed and change one small detail on it.

The big event at Madison Square Garden will have Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, and a host of other superstars on the card. One simply has to wonder if fans now know what may end up happening at Night of Champions thanks to some possible spoilers for John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Sting.

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