Father of 30 Wants a Break on Child Support

A man who fathered 30- yes that’s thirty- children by the age of 33 feels that the child support he pays is too much of a burden and has implored the state of Tennessee to reduce his obligation.

Desmond Hatchett is incredibly difficult to feel sorry for in this scenario, being as he has 11 (yes, eleven) different women raising children he’s fathered, and is presumably not raising because he is too busy going out and making more babies. Hatchett is court ordered to financially support his get, but as you can imagine, the amount is pretty miserably meager in very many cases.

In fact, some of Hatchett’s brood of thirty are contributed to by their father just $1.49 a month. The prolific sperm donor was in court last over his inability to partially support the kids he sired back in 2009, and at the time, he was a dad to 21 kids.

But the inescapable realities of his situation (and that these kids need, you know, to eat) didn’t actually disinhibit the 33-year-old from making more people to feed- instead of working to improve the quality of life for the children he had, Hatchett went out and fathered another nine kids in the three or so years since his last court appearance- time, we may point out, could have been better spent working to support his then already-massive brood.

When asked about his situation, Hatchett explained what “the problem” is when it comes to supporting his kids:

“I had four kids in the same year. Twice.”

Hmmm… one might be inclined to point out that men are promiscuous all the time, and few father so many children- the problem may just be that this dad of 30 is placing an irresponsible burden on the women with whom he consorts as well as the children who are guaranteed a deprived upbringing and the taxpayers who inevitably must pay for his behavior. (Which he is free to engage in, since there is no way to discourage someone from making more kids.)