Three Irish Sisters Give Birth On The Same Day In the Same Hospital, With One More To Come

This is one family that will never forget the kid’s birthdays, after three Irish sisters gave birth on the same day and in the same hospital in Ireland.

It seems things do, indeed, happen in threes, but it turns out there is also a fourth baby on the way, who was due on August 30 but is yet to be delivered. It would have been a real piece of Irish luck if all four babies were born the same day, rather like a lucky four-leafed clover!

According to Irish Central, one of the sisters in Cloonfad, Ireland is Mairead Fitzpatrick, who told the Irish media that while they were all pregnant together, no one expected them all to give birth on the same day.

She said that she was the first to give birth on Tuesday at 3:25 am, followed by her sister, Joeline who had a little girl, Sorcha, at 11 am. Two of the babies were delivered by the same women at the hospital.

“Then Bernie’s boy Phelim was born last night at about half 8.”

“The two girls that delivered my little boy delivered Bernie’s boy as well… so two women delivered two cousins in 24 hours.”

According to Fitzpatrick, there’s more numerical magic in the birth of the tiny cousins too.

“It was my first (Thomas Og), and Jolene’s second, Bernie’s third, and Christina, this will be her fourth.”

Fitzpatrick added that the family was hoping that Christina will give birth either Wednesday or early Thursday morning. She said that it was “just so funny the way it happened.”

The Belfast Telegraph reports that while she was due to give birth on Friday, August 28, Jolene was booked in for a Cesarean section that day and Bernie was actually due to give birth on that day. Apparently Christina was due on August 30, but is running a little late.

“I was due on Friday the 28th of August, Jolene was actually sectioned, she was booked in for a section yesterday, it was her second baby.”

“And Bernie was due today. Christina is still waiting for her little one, she was due on Sunday, the 30th of August.”

It seems the four sisters also have a younger brother and he is traveling from England Thursday to visit his new niece and nephews. Apparently he is hoping they will have joint birth celebrations so that he can save on the airfares.

[Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 Ben Grey]