Jay Z & Kim Kardashian Cheating? Scott Disick And Lamar Odom Allegedly Tell All

Jay Z and Kim Kardashian allegedly had a secret affair, and a new report is claiming that scorned exes Scott Disick and Lamar Odom are the ones sharing the details.

The report, which comes from In Touch, claims that the two had a fling. The magazine claims that the information is coming from the ex lovers of Kim’s sisters, with Disick and Odom apparently divulging a number of family secrets. But so far, details of the alleged affair are light, including when it took place and whether Kim and Kanye were together when it started.

The report about Jay Z and Kim Kardashian’s alleged affair is strangely reminiscent of last summer, when a number of reports claimed that the rapper was having an affair on wife Beyonce. Rumors connected him to singer Mya and Casey Cohen, star of the Bravo show Princesses: Long Island. One source claimed that Cohen met with Jay Z for a number of hook-ups.

“Jay probably sees her twice a month,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “He visits her while she’s working and then they slip away for an after party. She’ll hang out with him all night, flirting with him and touching him.”

Those reports sparked a summer of rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce were on the rocks, and other reports that their divorce was inevitable. Others claimed there was nothing to the rumors, and the conclusion may have supported that. After weeks of reports that they would split up, the couple finished out their joint tour, went on vacation to Italy, and ultimately renewed their wedding vows. The rumors fizzled out after that.

Ironically, as the rumors of a relationship with Jay Z are dominating the gossip pages, Kim Kardashian may actually be accusing Kanye West of cheating. This week’s In Touch magazine also claimed that Kim believes Kanye may be hooking up with a former flame.

“She found messages on [his phone] from one of his exes,” a source told the magazine, adding that Kanye was suspected of cheating with “a woman he was deeply in love with before he got super famous.”

Kanye claimed that the ex simply reached out for help with a project, the insider claimed, but it still left Kardashian hurt.

“It hurt Kim that he kept [the texts] a secret from her,” the source said.

For their part, neither Jay Z nor Kim Kardashian have addressed the latest rumor that they are having a secret affair.

[Picture by Jason Merrit/Getty Images]