‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers For 2-Night Season Finale: Surprises, Drama, And Break-Ups [Spoilers]

Bachelor In Paradise has had a successful second season. Well, if you want to call a lot of drama, fighting, dating, cheating, and breaking up successful, but that may be to some. Now, the two-night season finale is approaching, and there is still so much more to come. Some details have already been revealed, but these full spoilers showcase so much more of what will happen on Sunday and Monday.

Please be aware there are possible and confirmed spoilers ahead for the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Sunday night is going to bring some interesting drama as Moviefone put it, because Samantha gets even more action. As things get started, Cassandra takes Justin horseback riding, and Nick uses the date card that Jaclyn gave him to take out Samantha.

During the Sunday night episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Jared ends up leaving on his own because he feels things just aren’t right with Ashley Iaconetti.

Dan also leaves the show because he doesn’t feel it with Amber. Also, Juelia ended up leaving too because she was on her own and not interested in anyone left. At the cocktail party, Ashley I. left too because she didn’t have anyone and was sad over Jared taking off.

Sunday night’s rose ceremony goes as follows:

– Kirk gives a rose to Carly
– Tanner gives a rose to Jade
– Justin gives a rose to Cassandra
– Nick gives a rose to Samantha
– Joshua gives a rose to Tenley

Mikey went to give Mackenzie a rose, but she refused it.

Monday night is the last evening of the season finale for Bachelor In Paradise, and there are five couples remaining.

– Tanner and Jade
– Joshua and Tenley
– Justin and Cassandra
– Kirk and Carly
– Nick and Samantha

The Daily Mail reported that Kirk actually ends up breaking up with Carly, and that leads to them both going home. This happens before the one-on-one dates and the fantasy suite dates even happen.

At the end of it all, Joshua breaks up with Tenley. Justin and Cassandra stay together as do Nick and Samantha. Tanner and Jade stay together too, but they take it a step further as he proposes and she accepts.

That’s the huge spoiler and big surprise to the whole Bachelor In Paradise season finale which puts an end to all the reality for a while. The big question after the season finale is going to be if any of these couples are even still together.

[Image via ABC]