U.S. Marine Michael Whaley Delivers Strong Statement To The Black Lives Matter Movement [Video]

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran has called out the Black Lives Matter movement for allegedly instigating racism in a controversial video that has gone viral.

Michael Whaley says he supports the All Lives Matter movement in a six-minute discourse made in the aftermath of the execution-style murder of Harris County, Texas, Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth that has been uploaded to YouTube.

The ex-Marine claims that Facebook is censoring his videos, “but I still love y’all,” he said. Whaley then went to give his views on Black Lives Matter.

“I’m promoting the All Lives Matter movement…because this Black Lives Matter movement only promotes racism. And now they’re encouraging black people to go and kill white people, because they want white people to feel what we felt 400 years ago. Newsflash: [Were] your living 400 years ago? Nope.”

The 27-year-old Marine veteran received an honorable discharge in 2012 and at the end of the clip expressed the belief that the entire country across the board should be a color blind family just like the U.S. military.

“All lives matter. That police officer that got killed by that black man because that black man listened to what y’all were saying about going out and killing white people. That police officer’s life mattered. That 9-year-old girl in Ferguson, Missouri, that got shot in the head while she was doing her homework in a drive-by shooting that none of y’all protested — her life mattered.”

In the video, Whaley also brushed aside negative feedback (i.e., slurs such as “Uncle Tom”) that he has apparently received on social media. “I had drill instructors in boot camp that had better insults than y’all…so come up with better insults and then come back at me.”

Reacting to the notoriety, Whaley told BizPacReview that “The main reason I made this video is to wake people up. And for the black race, because I think we are the main ones being racist.”

Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions.


Whaley has also established a GoFundMe page containing an explanation that “My agenda is to promote the All Lives Matter movement. and I need funds to be able to fly to the U.S. cities to spread the truth to people so we can finally end racism and become a unified nation that sees no color, only human beings.”

Megyn Kelly interviewed Michael Whaley (who evidently has launched a website called alllivesmatter.com) on The Kelly File tonight to discuss the motivation behind the viral message to the Black Lives Matter movement.

[image via YouTube]