Louis Tomlinson May Not Be Headed For Fatherhood After All [Rumor]

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father early next year, or so we all believe. Tomlinson has acknowledged, and seemingly embraced, the prospect of fatherhood since it emerged that Louis had a relationship with Briana Jungwrith, who is expecting a baby. Tomlinson even confirmed on a recent appearance on Good Morning America that he was excited by the prospect of becoming a father for the first time.

It seems that rumors that Tomlinson may not be the father of Briana's baby will not go away. In Touch magazine has claimed today that Briana was sleeping with other guys at the time she fell pregnant. As often seems to be the case with stories of this nature, In Touch claims that an unnamed source has told them that Briana was having sex with another unnamed man at the same time as she hooked up with Tomlinson.

J14 magazine report that the source told In Touch that Briana was seeing another guy before Louis came on the scene and that unnamed man, rather than Louis, could be the father of Briana's child.

"Someone very close to Briana says Louis wasn't the first guy she was [seeing] when she got pregnant. She was [seeing] someone else at the same time, so the baby may not be Louis'.

He and Briana would go to Briana's home and [hang out]. Once the baby is born, it looks like Briana will have no choice but to get a paternity test. The situation is so messed up."

Hollywood Life is also reporting the story, but they seem to be relying on the In Touch story as their only source of information. They claim that the unnamed other man is also involved in the music industry, and that he and Briana had been involved with each other for some time before Tomlinson met 23-year-old stylist Jungwrith.

Tomlinson is believed to be keen to be involved in the baby's life if he proves to be the father and he wants to concentrate on being a good father when One Direction splits in March of next year. Louis is being tipped as a judge for the next season of X-Factor, the reality TV show that gave birth to One Direction. If that proves to be true, then Louis will have much more time on his hands than he would if he were touring and recording with One Direction.

What do Inquisitr readers think? Is it possible what Louis Tomlinson is not the father of Briana's baby after all, or is this just another unfounded Louis Tomlinson rumor? What do you think?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images]