Michigan Highway Sniper: Another Case Pops Up In Latest Highway Sniper Shootings

The Michigan highway sniper who's reportedly shooting randomly at cars traveling on I-94 and I-69 in Branch County and Calhoun County is suspected of striking another vehicle.

Last week, there were reports of an anonymous sniper targeting cars on the different highways. Luckily, no one has been injured in the attacks -- just cars being damaged by projectiles.

WTVB reports that on Tuesday, another car was possibly hit on I-94. The window was shattered, and still, no one was hurt. Police, however, aren't sure if it was from a gun. They're trying to learn if it was a rock that was flung in the air by another vehicle, or if was from a bullet. Authorities searched the area where they say the gunman would've had to be located to fire the weapon. So far, evidence is inconclusive.

As the report adds in the Michigan sniper case, evidence of projectiles hitting cars has been difficult to examine because vehicle damages were repaired before they had a chance to get to them. They've only had photographs to go by in their investigation. As CNN reports, damages have proven to be consistent with a bullet. Other cases in the sniper case are believed to be from the use of a weapon.

Four major crimes task forces are investigating all of the suspicious incidents that have been going on for several weeks.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office says that authorities first received reports on August 19 that a highway sniper was on the loose. Known dates that the Michigan highway sniper was actively firing at cars was between July 29 and August 21. There hasn't been a specific time frame for the events -- they've all occurred during broad daylight and at nighttime.

WXYZ 7 revisited another sniper who was opening fire on Michigan highways in October, 2012. Raulie Casteel, 44, was convicted of terrorism after shooting at cars 23 times in Oakland, Livingston, in Metro Detroit. He plead no contest and mental illness to other charges filed against him. The father of four is currently serving 18 to 40 years in prison.

Police are advising anyone who's driving a vehicle that gets shot at not to stop. Drivers are instructed to keep driving until they reach the next exit, then call 911.

Other than the latest incident on Tuesday, there haven't been any new reports of the Michigan highway sniper firing on other cars. Motorists are naturally nervous, wondering when the next attack might occur.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]