Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie O’Donnell Fight: Elisabeth’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comment Slammed By Rosie

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell are in a fight. Sort of. According to the Canada Journal, the former View co-hosts are in a bit of a feud after Rosie responded to Elisabeth’s comments on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“Why has the #BlackLivesMatter movement not been classified yet as a hate group? I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?” Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked on Monday’s Fox And Friends. This statement angered thousands of people and has been a topic of discussion on various social media platforms.

Now, however, Rosie has thrown her name into the ring.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell’s fight is nothing more than two women disagreeing on a subject, but Rosie didn’t hesitate to take a shot at her former co-star, not unlike how it happened so many times on The View. And not just from Rosie, either. Because of Hasselbeck’s conservative views, she was often a target that the other women took aim at regularly.

This little Twitter blast from Rosie doesn’t seem any different.

According to Hollywood Life, “Rosie is suggesting that Elisabeth is ignorant about what’s really going on with the movement — and doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Do you think Rosie has a point? Or do you see things from Elisabeth’s perspective?

The fight between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell goes way back — it’s no secret that these two aren’t the best of pals. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Elisabeth wasn’t thrilled about Rosie’s return to The View in 2014, and she didn’t hold back.

“How odd is this, when you have the woman, who again, insinuated that our own troops were terrorists in Iraq at the time, then left the show … to have such ease the day of Barbara’s goodbye show was shocking to me? She walked around with a lot of control and I had the chance to talk to her.

Rosie herself told me, on-set, while we were mic’ed up, that she produced the reunion show to have everybody together and it was her idea. Now, would you think that the woman who left in the way that she did would be producing Barbara’s goodbye show? Here’s the shocker: It was actually her hello show.”

But the Elisabeth Hasselbeck / Rosie O’Donnell fight started even earlier than this. The two women often disagreed on President Bush’s policies, putting them at odds on numerous occasions.

[Photo by Amy Sussman / Getty Images Entertainment]