McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu Will Begin October 6

McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is set to begin — nationwide — on October 6. Company officials confirmed the menu changes will affect 14,300 locations throughout the United States.

McDonald’s customers have been requesting all-day breakfast menu for years. However, the company was reluctant due to the costs associated with kitchen modifications.

Due to health code regulations, eggs and burgers cannot be prepared or cooked on the same surface. Therefore, each location will be required to install a new grill, which is dedicated to cooking eggs.

The franchisees will also be required to purchase additional toasters to accommodate both muffins and hamburger buns.

McDonald’s President Mike Andres confirmed the changes will cost each franchisee up to $5,000. However, the company vowed to help offset the cost.

Although all-day breakfast will be available at all locations, the breakfast and lunch menus are expected to be “simplified.” In addition to further limiting the breakfast and lunch menus, McDonald’s plans to revise their drive-thru menu boards to feature only their most popular items.

It is unclear which items will be removed from the regular menu. However, Andres confirmed the changes “will vary by market.” Although he refused to discuss specific items, the president said “some [changes] will be more significant than others.”

As reported by USA Today, McDonald’s decision to offer all-day breakfast menu was driven by customer requests. In the last 12 months alone, an estimated 120,000 Twitter users mentioned or requested the change.

In recent years, the fast-food giant has experienced a startling decline in popularity. As competitors continue offer fresher and healthier options, as well as the addition of breakfast menus, McDonald’s was forced to modify their own menu to remain competitive.

Andres said McDonald’s “all-day breakfast menu could be the next big thing,” and could increase sales nationwide.

Despite the positive reaction from customers, the Verge suggests the change could cause further issues for the fast-food giant.

“It’s a basic principle of economics: scarcity creates demand. People want things more when they’re in limited supply… It’s that same mindset that drives the cult following behind the McDonald’s breakfast… It’s special because you can’t just get it whenever you want. The aura of the McDonald’s breakfast is bound by the mystique of its 4AM to 10:30AM time frame. Its limited-time offer is the key to its success.”

It is unclear whether McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu will reverse the recent slump in sales. However, if the reactions on social media are any indication, customers are excited about the change.

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