Norman Rousseau, Foreclosure Victim, Commits Suicide

Norman Rousseau was a normal man, facing a forced foreclosure from Wells Fargo, but he made the decision to commit suicide rather than face the prospect of his family being homeless.

According to Huffington Post, Rousseau spent hours on Saturday night trying to fix a motorhome that would become the family’s (hopefully) temporary home. Unfortunately, he was apparently unable to fix the motorhome, and instead turned a gun on himself early Sunday morning.

The family is currently dealing with a lawsuit involving Wells Fargo, which was originally files in January 2011. The lawsuit began in 2011, and states that the Rousseaus were talked into a new loan by the super bank, which reportedly raised their interest rate, instead of lowering it.

Soon after, they were accused of not paying the mortgage, even though Oriane Rousseau still has the cashier’s check stub. Rousseau stated that:

“I lost my husband and it hurts me like hell…I don’t want this to happen to anybody. This is horrible. I lost my husband. I lose my pets, I lose my house, I lose my furniture, everything…for nothing.”

CBS Local reports that Norman’s death has delayed their eviction notice, which was originally set for May 15th.

Wells Fargo wrote in an email to Huffington Post that:

“Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Mr. Rousseau at this difficult time. The eviction has been postponed and we will continue to work with Mrs. Rousseau. Despite current reports, we tried repeatedly to find affordable options for the family.”

Norman Rousseau is just one of many victims of the housing market crash, which has caused forced foreclosures for many Americans. The Hartford Courant reports that just one week ago, a woman in Connecticut who was facing foreclosure shot her mother, who was 85, and then turned the gun on herself.