Prickly Situation: Porcupine Defeats Leopard In Kruger National Park [Video]

A leopard recently ended up in what was quite literally a prickly situation when it tried to attack a porcupine in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Let’s just say, it really didn’t go well for the leopard, and the little bristling porcupine came out victorious.

It seems a leopard bit off more than it could chew, so to speak, when it decided a porcupine was a likely and tasty snack.

Endless Summer Tours posted a video to YouTube in late August showing the amazing battle between what is probably the world’s most prickly prey and a daring, but possibly rather stupid, leopard.

In the video description Endless Summer Tours say there were on a safari tour in the Kruger National Park from Johannesburg. On their last morning they suddenly spotted a leopard in the grass close by and noticed that he was on the hunt.

The onlookers soon found out what, exactly, the leopard was hunting for, when a prickly porcupine suddenly came running out of a hole.

The epic battle in Kruger National Park began with the leopard trying various tactics in an attempt to defeat the porcupine, but every time he ended up with a whole bunch of quills in his face, paws and body for his troubles.

While the porcupine used some pretty impressive moves to evade the attack, the leopard kept going, but eventually he got the chance to make a dash and escape the big cat, who was probably in quite a bit of pain by that stage.

In the video taken in Kruger National Park, the leopard can be seen attempting to remove the sharp quills from its chest and other areas of its body, while the onlookers captured every moment.

The tourists on safari were obviously rooting for the prickly prey and one can be heard yelling, “Dude…, run boy, run” to the porcupine as the leopard stops to lick its injured paw in an attempt to remove a quill.

The final result is the porcupine, running off into a Kruger National Park sunset, safe to live another day. As for the leopard, hopefully he has learned a prickly lesson and will avoid porcupines in the future.

When searching on Twitter, however, it seems this kind of thing has happened before, proving that the big cats never really learn a lesson.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]