Chloe Archuleta And Joshua Wray: Young Mom And Dad Admit Brutal Abuse Of Baby Twins

Clorinda “Chloe” Archuleta And Joshua Wray are young parents of twin baby boys in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who on Tuesday admitted in court that for some horrible and unthinkable reason, they brutally attacked the babies when they were barely a month old — causing horrific head injuries and other broken bones, a report on Oklahoma’s News On 6 TV station revealed.

The question not answered with their guilty pleas to permitting child abuse and child neglect is why — why would anyone, much less the babies’ own parents, hurt a helpless infant so badly that both babies suffered skull fractures.

When they were arrested in January of 2014, both parents, who are not married, blamed each other for causing the injuries to the little boys.

On January 16 of last year, Archuleta — who was employed as a store clerk at a Victoria’s Secret outlet — brought one of the 34-day-old twin babies to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, three days after she said she first noticed that the infant had swelling in his right leg.

But when doctors checked out the baby, named Cruz, they found a lot more than a swollen leg. In fact, the month-old boy had not one but two broken legs. He also had fractured arm and worst of all, a fractured skull along with bleeding on his brain.

After at first claming she had “no idea” where the injuries came from, she later pointed the finger at Wray, saying that she witnessed the father of her twins grab the boy by one leg and hold him in the air.

“When asked to describe the baby’s demeanor she said he ‘might have’ lost consciousness and his eyes rolled back in his head,” said a police report, uncovered by KOTV-TV.

But the mom then continued to allow Wray to care for the children, failing to take the injured boy to seek medical attention for at least two days after witnessing the attack.

But Wray, who was arrested the next morning, told investigators that it was the boy’s mom who inflicted the injuries by shaking the baby.

There was more to the story, sadly. When police visited the couple’s home to check on the other twin, Benji, they didn’t like what they found. That baby also had multiple fractures to his skull, as well as bleeding on his brain and inside one eye.

Fortunately, both boys, now nearing two years old, have recovered from the injuries inflicted by one or both of their parents.

Clorinda “Chloe” Archuleta And Joshua Wray — both now 25 years old — will face sentencing in October.

[Images: Facebook, KOTV-TV]