Amazon Prime Video Now Offers Offline Playback For iOS And Android

Amazon Prime Instant Video is making changes and upgrading its image. Now called simply Amazon Prime Video, the new name reflects exciting changes happening within the company, which will directly benefit Prime customers.

Amazon Prime Video is offering offline playback to its customers. This means certain titles can be downloaded and played back without the necessity of a wireless internet connection.

Until now, offline playback of streaming movies was offered only on Amazon Prime devices, but this wonderful perk has been expanded to include users of Android and Apple operating systems. It opens up a whole new world of options when one is without an internet connection. The Verge calls this a “feature that arguably leapfrogs its streaming competitor in sheer utility”.

The Amazon Prime competitor referred to, of course, is streaming movie giant Netflix. Apparently, Netflix has been questioned time and time again about offering offline playback, but the company refuses. The Verge further reports that last year, Cliff Edwards of Netflix said offline viewing is “never going to happen”. A spokesperson for the company added a more thorough statement.

“Underlying our philosophy is two things. The first is that offline playback is transitional — the internet is getting better quickly and we would rather concentrate on getting better at what’s coming than what’s going.”

Apparently, Amazon Prime has no qualms about diving into the present needs of its customers. Tech Crunch cautions that although Amazon Prime Video sports a huge list of approximately 40,000 titles, a limited amount of movies and shows will be available at first. Negotiations are under way to makes deals with content owners. This must be done before titles can be released.

Don’t get too sad, though. Amazon has already entered into deals with HBO, Fox, Paramount, and CBS, among others. The list of movies and shows already available is quite large and includes super popular titles in a variety of genres.

Some popular movie titles offered include The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, If I Stay, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, and The Bling Ring. TV shows include Downton Abbey, Hannibal, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Teen Wolf, and many more.

Once the Amazon Prime Video is downloaded, it will be available to watch for a limited time. This time will vary and is dependent on each specific agreement.

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