October 20, 2017
Man Springs To Action When Toddler Calls For Help, And Saves Her With Only A Mop [Video]

A little girl in China is alive today because of the prompt and selfless act of a stranger.

A man named Wang Baocheng (also reported as Baoping) was walking along the street when he heard the toddler screaming for help. The child was hanging from the fourth-floor window of a building, Sky News reported.

Wang described the scene to CCTV.

"I saw the girl hanging from over there. Then I heard her calling for help and quickly ran over... I saw that the girl's head was stuck and it was holding her up. When I got upstairs I grabbed onto the window and used a mop to support her."
The toddler was alone in the apartment at the time and the door was locked; her head was reportedly stuck between the window bars. In grainy cell phone video footage, posted online, Wang is propped precariously on the ledge of one window and leaning over to reach the toddler. She is dangling, it appears head first, from a window slightly higher and to his right.

But Baocheng never left her. He kept his post outside the window, using a mop to hold up the toddler, for 20 minutes to make sure she didn't fall. Then, finally, the parents returned and pulled their child back in through the window.

Thankfully, the child wasn't hurt, but was rather shook up by the ordeal. Neighbors who witnessed the event, and the man's valiant and immediate response to help the child, were awed.

"Wang held the girl up for more than 10 minutes... I think his brave and courageous actions are worthy of praise."
[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]