‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Giudice Reportedly ‘Drowning His Sorrows,’ Spotted With Other Women On A Boat [Report]

RHONJ star Joe Giudice has had a lot of responsibility in his hands since his wife, Teresa, entered the Danbury, Connecticut Federal Correctional Facility to serve a 15-month prison term for charges of bank and wire fraud. In addition to keeping up with the duties of his home, the RHONJ star has been fully responsible for getting his four daughters to and from their activities. Unfortunately, according to an August 31 report by OK! Magazine, the RHONJ star may not be doing his best.

“Joe is a completely unfit parent,” a source told the magazine of the RHONJ star.

“There was good reason Teresa was so worried about leaving him in charge… Joe knows he’s going to jail in a matter of months, so drowning his sorrows is more important to him than his daughters.”

OK! Magazine’s source claimed Gia has become a “substitute mother” for her three younger sisters, and the girls “have no structure.”

“Joe should be ashamed of himself for letting his wife and his family down yet again.”

The RHONJ star’s wife, Teresa, won’t return home until December 23 if all goes as planned, and in the meantime, her daughters are starting school. In an interview with Radar Online on September 1, Sheila Giudice gave an update on their life at home and revealed the family was excited for Teresa’s upcoming release.

“Everbody’s doing good. They’re all getting ready for school. Gia’s already starting high school! Everyone is looking forward to [Teresa’s] arrival home.”

In a third report, via Real Mr. Housewife on August 31, the RHONJ star was accused of spending time with other women on a boat “down the shore.”

“Joe was not alone on the boat. He was with his brother and a few girls that they brought with them. The women on the boat were not Joe’s girls or Joe’s brother’s family.”

While being on a boat with other women certainly isn’t reason to proclaim the possibility of the RHONJ star’s promiscuity, it certainly raises a few questions due to the ongoing speculation about the RHONJ star’s past, which includes several rumors of possible cheating.

When Teresa is released from incarceration later this year, her RHONJ star’s husband, who will star in his own docu-series in the coming months, will begin serving his own 41-month sentence, which was also give for crimes of bank and wire fraud.

No word yet on when the RHONJ star’s new series will premiere.

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