Russians Shoot Down Alien UFO Over Iran, Putin Deploys Special Forces To Recover Massive UFO Debris, Conspiracy Theory Bloggers Claim

JohnThomas Didymus

A tall story circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that the Russians and the Iranians secretly shot down an alien UFO as it passed in orbit over Iran on July 31.

The information is contained in an alleged leaked report originating from the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD). The report allegedly reveals that personnel from the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO) and the 22nd Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Brigade have been deployed in the Islamic Republic of Iran to work with their Iranian counterparts to sort out the "massive debris" that resulted from the shooting down of the alien UFO on July 31.

The Inquistr reported on August 7, 2015, that a meteor impact event occurred in Iran on July 31. Following the impact event, conspiracy theory blogs led by the Daily Sheeple carried reports that the impact caused destruction "on an unimaginable scale."

The reports also claimed that NASA and other global government agencies were covering up the incident out of fear that it could cause panic ahead of an asteroid impact apocalypse that doomsday theorists predict will happen in September 23.

But now, according to latest reports in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, the meteor impact that allegedly "devastated" areas in the northern part of Iran and set off a 5.2 magnitude earthquake was in fact the result of successful interception of an alien UFO in a joint operation by the Russian and the Iranian armed forces.

According to the alleged leaked Russian MoD report, the Russian authorities suspect that the ETs operating the alien satellite were working secretly with certain possibly rogue elements of the U.S. military.

The VKO first identified the alien UFO on June 29 after it detected another UFO that entered the Earth's atmosphere over Texas. The alien UFO was apparently monitoring the Jade Helm military exercises in that state.

The Russians noted that the alien UFO was the same type as the UFO piloted by a 9-foot tall Nordic alien that landed near the Russian city of Voronezh on September 27, 1989.

The VKO was able to determine the orbit of the second UFO. The Russian authorities then took the decision to use two top secret "space assassin" weapons, Kosmos 2491 and 2504, to shoot down the UFO from orbit.

Once technical experts had determined that the Russian military and the space agency have the technical capability to intercept the alien craft, they contacted the Iranians and proposed a plan to shoot down the hostile alien satellite on July 31 as it passed over Iran.

Major General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC), travelled to Moscow on July 24 to coordinate the take down of the hostile satellite with the Russians.

After the two sides agreed on a coordinated plan to take down the alien UFO over Iran, the Russians activated their space weapons -- Kosmos 2491 and 2504 -- and shot down the UFO on July 31.

Fragments of the UFO which fell into the northern Iranian regions of Eshtehard, Kerman, and Bandar-e Mahshah, were reported in the mainstream media as fragments of a meteor.

Following the successful interception, the Russian Security Council held a meeting. After the meeting, President Vladimir Putin ordered "elements" of the VKO to be deployed in Iran to recover the fragments of the UFO and transport them to Russia.

The Russians dispatched two cargo ships -- the Volgodonsk and Makhachkala -- to Iran to transport the massive UFO debris to Russia. The ships are now docked at the port of Anzali in Iran.

The alleged Russian MoD report says that the UFO could be part of an alien fleet that reportedly flies from an underwater base off the coast of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

According to the story being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) was responsible for leaking a top secret U.S. Homeland Security video showing a UFO flying from an underwater base off the coast of Puerto Rico (see video below).

At the time the video was leaked to the media, the Inqusitr reported that the UFO was monitored by a Homeland Security aircraft that took off from the Rafael Hernandez Airport.

The FSB reportedly passed the video to the Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy (SCU), which analyzed the video and issued a report in August 2015.

The Inqusitr also reported that the expert team constituted by the SCU to investigate the video considered several alternative explanations of the UFO, but was unable to identify it with any man-made craft.

According to conspiracy theorists, the recent increase in UFO activity across the globe is linked with catastrophic events predicted to occur in September. Aliens are monitoring the Earth ahead of the asteroid impact event, conspiracy theories say.

There are also rumors that the U.S. government has been monitoring the underwater alien base off the coast of Puerto Rico for some years and that the military could be planning to launch an attack to forcefully eject the aliens from the underwater base.

The tsunami that results from detonating a nuclear device off the coast of Puerto Rice would then be explained in the mainstream media as a natural disaster.

Conspiracy theorists claim that this article in the Washington Post was planted as part of the long-term plan to prepare the public for the planned military action.

[Images: via UFO Sightings Hotspot]