Sonja Morgan Thinks Kristen Taekman’s Husband Cheated: ‘I Could See It Coming’

Sonja Morgan is known for speaking her mind, and she doesn’t hold back when asked about her Real Housewives of New York co-stars. A few weeks ago, Kristen Taekman’s name was brought up in the press because her husband had created an Ashley Madison account, and his name had been leaked as part of the hack. While many of Kristen’s co-stars stepped up and denied that he would ever cheat on his wife, Morgan does think that it is a possibility.

In fact, Sonja Morgan had plenty to say about how she saw the affair coming from a mile away and how Josh Taekman doesn’t appreciate his wife. Morgan, who divorced her husband years ago, has been trying to encourage the women to be stronger and more free. But maybe it is hard for Kristen to take marital advice from Sonja, who is spending her days with much younger men.

According to a new Radar Online report, Sonja Morgan reveals that she wasn’t shocked that Josh had possibly cheated on Kristen. Morgan thinks that Josh is a bad influence on his wife and brings her down.

“I could see it coming,” Sonja Morgan told the gossip website, adding, “I didn’t like the way he was treating her. He chipped away at her self-esteem.”

Of course, it is no secret that Sonja and Taekman aren’t the best of friends. The two feuded during the final episode of the season, as she had said things in the press that Morgan was not pleased about. However, Sonja reveals that she tried to embrace and empower Kristen throughout the season.

“I was trying to empower her. She didn’t take my advice,” Morgan added.

Josh’s name came up in the cheating scandal a few weeks back, and he released an apology after the news came out. He admitted to creating the account with a group of friends, and he admitted that it must have been a painful time for his wife. He ended the statement saying that he looked forward to the future and moving on with his wife.

But it is shocking that Sonja Morgan would saying something to the press about Kristen. On the finale episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Sonja was furious at her co-star for talking about her failed toaster oven. At the time, her co-star was furious about how Sonja handled it, but these comments in the press about Ashley Madison are surely unforgivable.

“There is nothing worse then being accused of something horrible. I left that night and didn’t say goodbye; I was furious and still am. I love how Bethenny is so quick to give her two cents but refuses to say anything to me when I ask her face to face. Why so dismissive of me again and again? Whatever, see you on the reunion couch,” she revealed in her blog.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s comments about the Taekman marriage?

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