Giuliana and Bill Rancic Plan For Second Baby

Well, Giuliana and Bill Rancic sure aren’t wasting any time with the expected arrival of their first child via surrogate. The couple are already telling Life & Style about their plans for a second child that’s already in the works for Bill, 41, and Giuliana, 36.

While their first child is due this summer, the couple is eager to start planning ahead, as they were stalled in the past with Giuliana being unable to conceive, and then battling breast cancer in 2011. When asked about their plans, Bill said, “Absolutely! We already have the plans in the works. The wheels are in motion. Everything is looking great, and we’re thrilled It couldn’t be better, so knock on wood it’s all looking good!”

When asked how many kids the Rancics want, Bill revealed that this plan to have a big family has been in the works for a while saying, “My wife and I declared 2012 the Year of the Rancics. If it were up to Giuliana, it would be. Two or three would be a great number. She’d want four or five. But that’s not gonna happen — not with me. Maybe her next husband!”, jokes Rancic.

In the past the couple who has been open about their struggles to conceive, were asked if their newborn was going to be on their reality show. “We’ve thought about that,” Giuliana admits. “It’s definitely come up in conversation, and it’s this sort of thing where I think we just need to have the baby first and then figure out is this going to work or not.”

As for what they have planned for their first child, it’s slowing things down a bit and taking time off from their busy traveling schedule, says Bill. “We’ve got to start slowing this train down, because this child is going to be here before we know it and we cannot keep up this pace.”

Do you think it’s too soon for the Rancic’s to be planning for a second baby?