‘Mad Max’ And Uber Teamed Up To Give Seattle Customers The Post Apocalyptic Ride Of Their Lives

Seattle residents and Max Max enthusiasts using the Uber app were in for a special treat when choosing their ride this weekend. Uber was offering the Mad Max option.

That’s right! According to People, Uber users were able to catch a ride in one of the post-apocalyptic cars from the summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road this past Friday morning until Monday evening, undoubtedly to help get Mad Max fans psyched for the DVD release of Fury Road on Tuesday, September 1 as well as the Mad Max video game being released the same day

Uber users who were brave enough to pick the Mad Max option were given their rides for free because, as those who follow Mad Max or any other post-apocalyptic propaganda (or anyone who read Uber’s website) will tell you, “Your dollars are worthless in the wasteland.”

It’s not known how many Uber users took advantage of the Mad Max option but there were some awesome shares on Twitter of the experience:

Mad Max: Fury Road received high critical acclaim when it was released in theaters in May. Garnering a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, Mad Max: Fury Road was praised for it’s action scenes and stunt work. According to Box Office Mojo, the latest Mad Max installment has taken in over $374 million worldwide so far.

This was the first Mad Max to feature a new actor playing the title role. Tom Hardy replaced Mel Gibson as Max. Ironically, the Mad Max: Fury Road storyline was more focused on the female driven cast lead by Charlize Theron. While riding around in one of the cars retrofitted for Mad Max might seem thrilling to some and terrifying to others, none of the Mad Max cars actually came with Tom Hardy or Charlize Theron behind the wheel.

It’s not entirely clear why Seattle was chosen over all of the other cities in the world for the great Mad Max and Uber partnership, especially considering that rain is a staple in Seattle and drought is prevalent in the world of Mad Max.

Still, for the Uber users who got the opportunity to choose the Mad Max option, it probably seemed like the ride of a life time.

[Image courtesy of Uber Seattle Official Twitter.]