LA Lakers Rumors: Point Guard Signed To Add Depth To Lakers

LA Lakers rumors have the team signing Marcelo Huertas to a one-year deal. The Lakers added the free agent point guard as a way to improve depth on the current roster. A report from CBS Sports states that Huertas is an international star and that he has been brought on to help provide leadership at the position. That could be important with rookie D’Angelo Russell about to see some heavy minutes for the Lakers.

The report goes on to state that Huertas is 32-years-old and is “one of the Euroleague’s most accomplished playmakers.” He played his last six seasons with the Spanish ACB for Barcelona, averaging 7.4 points and about 5.0 assists per game. He is also an 87 percent free throw shooter over his career, giving the Lakers an interesting weapon off the bench. It’s never a bad thing for a team to add a player who is almost automatic at the free throw line for those late game situations.

These LA Lakers rumors do make sense for the team, even though Marcelo Huertas is going to have to fight for his minutes. The Lakers will likely start Kobe Bryant and D’Angelo Russell at the guard positions, with Jordan Clarkson and Lou Williams expected to be key players for the second unit. Huertas will have to prove himself during the NBA preseason, where opposing teams will be watching very closely to see if his game translates to the league.

The new-look at Lakers’ roster is going to be an interesting one, especially with the two highest-paid players heading into the final seasons of their current contracts. Kobe Bryant makes $25 million and Roy Hibbert makes $15.5 million before becoming free agents. It’s possible that Bryant could decide to retire once the 2015-16 NBA season comes to an end, but the team might look to bring him back in a lesser role. Hibbert will be an expensive piece to retain, especially with the lack of size available in the free agent market.

While this isn’t a signing that is going to make front page news around the NBA, it is certainly a smart move by the team to add another point guard. Marcelo Huertas has the potential to be a star, even though it is a risk by the Lakers to bring him over. It could turn these LA Lakers rumors into a big “win” for the team if he ends up being a valuable component of the second unit.

[Image Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images]