Obama Responsible For The 'War On Police,' Sheriff David Clarke Claims [Video]

Robert Jonathan

President Obama and ex-Attorney General Eric Holder declared a "war on police" for what might amount to pandering to anti-cop activists, according to outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke was reacting to the Friday execution-style murder of Harris County, Texas Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth as well as other officers across the country who have died this past year in the line of duty.

Sheriff Clarke has found himself in the national spotlight with regular appearances on the Fox News Channel (where he's almost an unofficial co-host), CNN, and other media outlets ever since advising his Wisconsin constituents two years ago in a series of ads to arm themselves against intruders rather than hiding under the bed and waiting for overworked, undermanned cops to respond.

A former city of Milwaukee police commander, Clarke, a Democrat, has been county sheriff since 2002 and was reelected to his fourth term in that job in 2014. He is a vocal supporter of Second Amendment rights, firearms training, and the law enforcement community in general.

After the assassination of Deputy Goforth as he was filling up his police cruiser with fuel at a local gas station, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman tied the attack to a rise in anti-police sentiment and made the following statement: "We've heard black lives matter, all lives matter; well cops lives matter too, so why don't we just drop the qualifiers and just say lives matter, and take that to the bank."

A long-time Obama foe, Sheriff Clarke has also strongly called out the Black Lives Matter movement, renaming them "Black Lies Matter" and referring to them as a "conglomeration of misfits."

In a recent media interview, Clarke insisted that the group should protest against joblessness and failing schools in the inner cities rather than the police.

In an appearance on Judge Jeanine Pirro's FNC show Saturday evening, an irate Clarke indicated that he was holding the Obama administration and the Black Lives Matter movement responsible for the cop killings or potential killings that he said can occur anywhere in the country.

"I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic with what's going on, and I'm not going to stick my head in the sand about it. I said last December war had been declared on the American police officer led by some high-profile people, one of them coming out of the White House, and one coming out of the United State Department of Justice. And it's open season right now. There's doubt about it…I'm tired of people calling these black activists. They're not black activists. This is black slime, and it needs to be eradicated from American society....I need every law-abiding person in America to stand up and start pushing back against this slime...disparaging the American law enforcement officer within these communities..."

In a back and forth about the role of social media in the protests, Clarke then reaffirmed to Pirro that President Obama "started the war on police."

"President Obama has breathed life into this ugly movement. It is time now for good, law-abiding Americans to rise up like they did in Houston around that Chevron station, an outpouring. But it can't just be symbolic, we now have to counter this slime, this filth coming out of these cop haters."

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