Good Samaritan Fishermen Find Something Unexpected On The River, Become Heroes [Video]

Two Good Samaritan fishermen in Jefferson County, Alabama did not expect to pull in the haul that they got from the Warrior River in a video posted to YouTube Sunday.

The video was supplied to AL by a Jason Foster, presumably one of the two men in the boat, though not verified at this time.

While drifting onto the river in the early morning hours, two small kittens swam their way to the vessel after which one of the two fishermen kneels down to intercept.

You can tell the Good Samaritan fishermen are awestruck as they frequently refer to the incident as the “craziest thing I ever seen.”

One speculates that “some jacka**” abandoned the little things perhaps as a joke. Fortunately, the guys were there to pull up each of the furry felines, which showed their gratitude by rubbing up against the two men and meowing in predictably adorable fashion.

Here’s the clip.

Unfortunately, it still isn’t known how the cats got there or who was responsible for presumably tossing them in the river.

Commenters were relieved that fate put these two cats on course to their rescuers.

“The cats went straight to the boat and were looking for help, I’m just glad they found the right people to save them, please give us updates on the cats, did they adopt them? 1 for each of the guys?”

No word on that at the time of this post.

“Poor little things,” wrote a second commenter. “Thank god these two guys were out there or who knows what would have happened. I sure hope they find good homes. I will never understand why people abandon animals. Do they think they can fend for themselves??? Well for those of you out there who think they can… NEWS FLASH! THEY CAN’T!”

Other commenters told the Good Samaritan fishermen that they “rocked” for “rescuing those sweet babies.”

Ther is more support from the YouTube video.

“This made me want to cry. I am so grateful that you were there. You saved two lives — two little tiny innocent lives. Someone threw those little babies away. They meant NOTHING to that horror in human form. If only I had the money and the $$ to come to you and adopt them. I’m so grateful. I hope they both have loving homes and never, ever, ever suffer again in their lives.”

Kudos, Good Samaritan fishermen, on being at the right place at the right time. Do you think people who do things like this to defenseless animals should be held criminally liable? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via YouTube screen grab]