Take A Wine Lover’s Tour Of Burgundy, France

Wine lover's tour

France is quite rightfully famous for its excellent wines, and one of the best regions to visit for a great glass of the best is lovely Burgundy. Perfect for a wine lover’s tour, the region not only offers world-class vineyards and great Burgundy wines, but also some of the best Michelin star restaurants in France, making it the area of choice for gourmands and everyday foodies alike.

The world-class Burgundy wines, commonly referred to as “Burgundies,” consist of dry red wines from the Pinot Noir grapes and a dry white wine from Chardonnay grapes.

According to a blog by Le Vélo Voyageur, those with a taste for the finest cuisine and the best Burgundy wines will appreciate an event coming up soon in the region’s ancient capital, Dijon.

The annual Dijon Gastronomic Fair will run between October 30 and November 11 at the Parc des Expositions, and this will be the 85th fair of its kind, offering the finest new products in both wine and food to be enjoyed by both professional or amateur cooks.

Wine lover's tour

On offer at the fair, there will be cookery demonstrations and competitions between chefs, as well as conferences on the wines of the region, making it the place to be for foodies and lovers of wine from all over the world, and is the ideal stop over on a wine lover’s tour of France.

Dijon is famous for its well-known Dijon mustard, but the city is well worth a visit for its spectacular medieval architecture, too, making it the perfect pit stop on a wine lover’s tour of Burgundy.

Wine lover's tour

For those who enjoy a good Chardonnay wine, Chablis is the perfect destination on a wine lover’s tour of the area. According to Wine Folly, Chablis is the northernmost wine district of Burgundy, where the grapevines are almost entirely Chardonnay, a dry white wine renowned for its aroma and taste.

The region is named for the quaint village of Chablis, which is accessed through the turreted towers of Porte Noël pictured below, the architecture of which dates back to the 14th Century.

For music lovers, Chablis annually hosts the “Festival du Chablisien” during May to June, featuring classical, jazz, and world music.

Wine lover's tour

Next stop is Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, located between Paris and Geneva. The town is one of the key wine centers of France and annually hosts the wine auction of the “Hospices de Beaune,” the primary wine auction of France.

Beaune is surrounded by some of the most famous wine villages of the world and has a rich architectural and historic heritage. A walled city, many of the battlements and ramparts are still in excellent condition, as well as the town’s moat.

Wine lover's tour

In the town can be seen the old market, the 15th-century Hospices, pictured above, as well as the Beffroi clock tower. The Hospices were founded in 1442 and are a charity, running hospitals and other services for the needy.

There are many more great destinations to visit on a wine lover’s tour of Burgundy, offering the finest cuisine and the very best wines available in France.

[Images: Burgundy vineyard CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Nico De Petter / Dijon CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Paula Soler-Moya / Chablis wine CC BY-NC 2.0 L.C. Nøttaasen / Porte Noël CC BY SA 4.0 Espirat / Beaune Hospices CC BY-SA 2.5 Olivier Vanpé]