Mother Arrested For Murder After Admitting To Intentionally Drowning Her 2-Year-Old Twin Sons In The Bathtub

A 22-year-old Arizona mother was arrested on charges of murder after she allegedly admitted to intentionally drowning her 2-year-old twin boys in the bathtub. The mother, Mireya Alejandra Lopez, was taken into custody after police were called to the home where the two toddlers were unconscious in their beds. The report indicates that Lopez may have also tried to drown the twin’s younger brother, but was stopped by a family member.

The Daily Mail reports that 22-year-old Mireya Alejandra Lopez has been arrested on two counts of murder after allegedly drowning her2-year-old twin sons. The police report claims that Lopez admitted to intentionally killing the children and noted that another family member stopped the woman from drowning a third child, the younger brother of the twin boys.

The drowning happened in the family’s Arizona home as the woman allegedly submerged the toddlers under the water in the bathtub. The report indicates that another family member pulled the two boys from the bathtub, but it was too late. The boys were unconscious and rushed to the hospital where they would later die. According to NBC News, the disturbed mother had planned to drown her other younger child but an unnamed family member stopped her.

The police did not disclose details on a potential motive as to why the mother would want to kill her own children. However, witnesses note that the mother was immediately removed from the home in handcuffs when police arrived. The children were able to be revived by the initial emergency response team and were taken to two separate area hospitals in extremely critical condition. However, the Avondale Police Department says that the two youngsters died a short time later from the drowning. Mireya Lopez is being charged with two counts of homicide for the drowning death of the twin boys, as well as one count of attempted homicide for attempting to drown the third child. Though Mireya has allegedly confessed to the killings, the Avondale Police Department says the investigation is ongoing.

Why do you think the mother intentionally drowned two of her children and attempted to drown the third?

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Mireya Lopez]