Strobe Or Strobing: The Make-Up Trick That Makes You Look Younger

strobe makeup

Most make-up fiends have heard of contouring, whereby faces are painted with different hues of foundation in order to create the illusion of high cheekbones and the like. Kim Kardashian helped make the process famous. Well, here comes “strobe” or “strobing” make-up techniques to help others look younger.

Strobing, reports the Daily Mail, is a process that seeks to make folks look younger with a dewy complexion. Strobing steals the name from strobe lights, as one would expect, and is popular on Instagram. The hashtag #strobe enjoys 85,461 posts, while #strobing has 48,047 posts as of this writing. Some women are posting their make-up looks under the “strobe” or “strobing” hashtag and pointing others to their tutorial videos on how to create the strobing look themselves.

Plenty of tutorials are popping up that show others how to create the strobing technique that’s hot on the runways. Because skin can tend to lose its look of moisture, strobing is ideal for those who want to look fresh-faced and younger again. And moisturizing is the first step in process. Another benefit to strobing is that the make-up appears more natural and not as painted on and heavy as contouring cosmetics.

Surprisingly, strobing means users need more of the strobing products to apply than the contouring products require. But yet and still, strobing is considered less of a hassle than contouring — with more positives to the process.

“Strobing is easier than contouring. There’s less blending, and it works for all ages. It’s timeless.”

After moisturizing, a primer is in order. To not prime is a crime, as the make-up gurus say in their YouTube tutorials. Next up comes a base foundation that doesn’t have as much coverage but still contains oxygen in order for the pores on the skin of the face to breathe.

The fifth step in strobing requires concealer in order to blot out dark circles, acne marks, age spots, etc.

Finally, then comes the strobing process — done with products like Watts Up or Sun Beam — for darker skin tones. Highlighters are used next, then the eyes can be defined with eyeshadow and mascara and brow work.

Next in the strobing process goes the blush and then more highlighter. Amazingly, all those products make strobing participants end up with a natural make-up look.

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With so many steps in the strobing make-up process, it seems like a lot to undertake for a natural look — but perhaps strobing is well worth the results.

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