Amy Purdy Finally Weds Longtime Boyfriend Daniel Gale

Paralympian and former Dancing With The Stars contestant Amy Purdy announced that she has officially wed her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Gale. Amy Purdy and her now-husband announced they had gone through their nuptials over the weekend, after having dated for an impressive 14 years. The pair got married in Boise, Idaho, and helped announce the special event by posting a photo on Amy Purdy’s social media.

Amy Purdy made the official announcement by including the caption, “Well friends! We did it!!! What an unbelievably magical night! By far the best of our lives!! We were fortunate to have the most special people of our lives all come together to celebrate! We even had a rainbow that appeared above us! I honestly can not imagine a more perfect special and fun celebration! And… We danced that Idaho barn to the ground! We are married!!!!!!!! Yay!!! @dang_ale! By the way… aren’t these flowers by #bloomphotostudio gorgeous?! I was dying when I saw them!!! Thank you @nateperkes photography for this gorgeous shot!!”

While Amy Purdy has is best known for being a paralympian, she has also had quite the career as a reality television show celebrity. The athlete not only was a runner up on Dancing With The Stars, but also appeared on The Amazing Race along with Gale. That particular turn on television wasn’t particularly successful, considering Amy Purdy and her now-husband were among the first eliminated. Despite that particular failure, it’s pretty clear that Amy Purdy and her beau have managed to stick together through thick and thin. Its not very often that you are seeing people date for 14 years, let alone end up taking the step of getting married after they have already been together that long.

Yahoo! reports that Amy Purdy is 35-years-old, and Daniel Gale is four years her senior. The slight age difference certainly doesn’t seem to have been something that has stood in their way when it comes to romance. It stands to reason there isn’t a whole lot that stands in the athlete’s way when she sets her mind to it. The Paralympian lost the bottom half of both of her legs years earlier, and has still managed to make herself an impressive career. Whether it has been appearing on reality television, or writing a book about how she overcame her struggles, Amy Purdy can now officially celebrate all of her accomplishments with her new husband.

[Photo Courtesy of Instagram]